If you’re not watching Selling Sunset on Netflix then OMG where have you been?!

I want to change my job and move to LA right NOW

Do you like drama, gossip and rich people in LA? If so, you need to start watching Selling Sunset on Netflix. It's like The Hills, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Vanderpump Rules, but better. Better because the cast are all savage realtors of the most exclusive, luxury real estate in Hollywood, the houses are ridiculous and the girls bring all the drama you could ever want. It's basically a glimpse of what you dream your friendship group will look like in ten years time. Here is everything about the show, before it becomes your latest Netflix guilty pleasure.

What is Selling Sunset on Netflix?

Selling Sunset is an eight-episode series, based in the Hollywood Hills. It all revolves around a real estate company which sells luxury homes to affluent celebrity clients. One of their most notable clients is the actual Orlando Bloom.

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The houses are ridiculous

The series is so much more than just following the company, because the girls all have so much drama. They all love each other, or completely hate each other, there's a clear Queen Bee and the series is just as much about their personal lives too.

It also helps that the whole thing is set in the most incredible backdrop of LA. The properties are literally palaces, the commission the women get on their sales is hundreds of thousands – it's insane.

What is the company in Selling Sunset?

The real estate company Selling Sunset it about is called The Oppenheim Group, founded by twin brothers, Jason and Brett Oppenheim. The company basically employs a whole bunch of glamorous, ambitious women who will sell the best properties in the area by literally ANY means.

Who's who in Selling Sunset?

OK, it can be pretty hard to remember all of the cast of Selling Sunset when you're introduced to so many people so quickly. Here's a quick rundown of who's who in the show.

Christine Quinn

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This face sums up Christine Quinn on Selling Sunset

Christine is the leader of the pack, basically the bitchy one. She probably wouldn't even mind being called that, I think it's the look she's going for. She leads all the social events, has something to say about everything and pretty much only gets on with Mary.

Her Instagram is everything you would expect it to be – luxury, flashy and a little bit too well polished.

Maya Vander

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Maya Vander on Selling Sunset

Maya might actually be the nicest woman in the business, she seems like she genuinely a nice person. Like all of them, she mixes business with pleasure a lot too, and talks about how she is struggling with a long distance relationship with her partner.

She grew up in Israel, and SPOILER ALERT, is pregnant!!! If you're wondering if Maya has had her baby yet, she's actually due this week. She posts regular baby updates on her Instagram, if you're interested.

Heather Young

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Heather Young on Selling Sunset

Heather is the one that talks about her "super hot" hockey playing boyfriend a lot. She is definitely the hot mess of the group. Heather also struggles with her long-distance relationship and she mixes work with her personal life, a lot. If there's someone taking a personal phone call in the middle of a house viewing and you're not sure who it is – it's probably Heather.

She was also a Playboy Playmate and has a lot of pics to show why on her Insta ?.

Mary Fitzgerald

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Mary Fitzgerald on Selling Sunset

Mary is the one that's with fit 25-year-old, Romain. This is another Selling Sunset relationship that gets discussed in their office literally all the time. Mainly because he's 13 years younger than her, and nobody will let her forget it.

Before moving to LA, Mary dominated the real estate game in both New York and London. But now she's living the high life in LA with her French pastry chef boyfriend, Romain. If you want another spoiler, yes it does look like they are still together, if her Insta is anything to go by.

Chrishell Hartley

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Chrishell Hartley on Selling Sunset

Chrishell is introduced as the newbie to the business in episode one. You might have heard of her before because she's also an American soap star, and her husband is Justin Hartley, aka Kevin from This Is Us.

Her Instagram gives you a look at her luxury life, and makes you realise that when Christine told her she "better work bitch", she actually really doesn't – she's doing just fine.

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When was Selling Sunset released?

Selling Sunset was released on Netflix worldwide on Friday 22nd March 2019.

Watch the trailer for Selling Sunset season one on Netflix:

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