BREAKING: Tuition fees to be cut to £6,000 for Humanities students

Justice at last

Tuition fees for Humanities students will be cut to £6,000 from September 2019.

The Deputy Education Secretary, Hugh Maneetis, has said the change will come into full effect at the beginning of the next academic year.

This is part of a new “value for money” deal, which the government is set to launch alongside it’s review of university finances.

And if you’re currently studying a Humanities degree, you will be liable to claim back the extra money you’ve already paid.

Maneetis also said that if you decide to do a two-year Humanities course, you will only have to pay £12,000 for the two years.

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The policy will be implemented by making BSc students pay £12,000 a year, instead of the current £9,000 tuition fee.

OFS spokesperson, George Raphy, said: “We now recognise that Humanities students have been paying for the expensive science degrees for years and it’s not right. Science students should pay for their own test tubes if they want to become a future doctor and save thousands of lives.

“Basically, we have realised Humanities degrees aren’t actually worth anything and give you no future career prospects anyway. And to punish those students financially when all they have is four contact hours a week? Well that’s just cruel.”

Phew. Justice at last.

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