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There’s a THREE MONTH heatwave coming to the UK, with 26C weather in April!!!


So incase 18 degree weather in February didn't terrify you, the three month UK heatwave coming in April sure might!!! Get the bikinis and shorts out because summer 2019 might last a whole year long!

Warm air from Africa is expected to send temperatures "well above average" for spring, with odds being slashed on Britain's hottest ever spring. Brilliant.

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When is the UK heatwave actually coming?
A Met Office spokesperson said: "For March-May, above-average temperatures are more likely than below-average.

"The probability UK average temperatures will fall into the warmest of our five categories is 50 per cent. The coldest category is 10 per cent.

"Some long-range prediction systems indicate an increased chance of high pressure to the south of the UK."

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What kind of temperature highs can we expect with the UK heatwave?
The Weather Outlook's Brian Gaze added: "With computer models strongly favouring a warm spring, there is potential for the record for the hottest spring to be challenged.

"Highs of 26C are likely in April. Plumes of warm air from Africa are expected.

"And there is an increased chance of a hot and settled summer due to the trend for more high pressure, which brings hot conditions in summer."

Yeah mate, honestly can't wait for everyone to start moaning about how hot it is.

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