Sophie Gradon’s friends and family say she didn’t die by suicide

Relatives of the Love Island star have demanded a new investigation into her sudden death

Sophie Gradon’s family have demanded a new investigation into her sudden death nine months ago, as they insist she didn’t die by suicide. Her boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong died 20 days after Sophie.

New information has emerged and other explanations for the Love Island star’s death are now being investigated by the family’s lawyers.

Sophie’s inquest was due to begin on Thursday this week, but has now been postponed to allow time for the investigations to continue. This delay has been requested by the Gradon family with the full agreement of the police.

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Sophie’s friend said Jasmine Lennard said on Twitter, she doesn’t believe Sophie took her own life. Jasmine wrote: “I f*****g called it. From day ONE…. Wow. I f*****g knew it.”

She then added: “They [the parents] have probably worked out now that she didn’t [kill herself].

“That something sinister happened… The truth will come out. It won’t bring her back. But i want the truth to come out for her.

“If she didn’t take her life which i don’t personally believe she did. She would want her parents to know that 100 [per cent].”

The tweets have now been deleted.

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Northumbria Police say the case is still being treated as a non-suspicious death.

When Sophie died, it was reported that she died by suicide, after suffering depression. But her parents Colin and Deborah have angrily disputed this idea.

Deborah Gradon said: “There is nothing to support the suggestion that Sophie committed suicide.

“We are still working through things to find out exactly what happened that night but it would be wrong to talk about that now as we do not want to prejudice the inquest when it does go ahead.”

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Gradon’s family are frustrated that information has still not been extracted from Sophie’s phone.

Last month Mrs Gradon tweeted: “As the heartbroken Mother of #SophieGradon we are still waiting for an inquest date 8 months after her unexplained death. Why? Because the Police cannot open her iPhone for data extraction.”

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “It remains a non-suspicious death and that hasn’t changed since we first confirmed it.

“We have kept the family updated with any enquiries we carried out as we would with any sudden death.”

Sophie Gradon was a former Miss Great Britain and Love Island series two contestant.

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