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Napping is actually really good for your health, science finds

Finally! My random naps have been validated x

It turns out that a little afternoon nap is, in fact, good for you!

Scientists in Greece concluded that taking a 60-minute nap in the afternoon actually reduces your blood pressure, and minimises the risk of hypertension-related conditions like strokes or heart disease.

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The Greek study tested 212 participants by wearing a blood pressure monitor, and found that those who took an afternoon nap benefitted from a 3mm Hg drop in blood pressure.

Although doctors recommend reducing alcohol and salt consumption to reduce blood pressure, sleeping would probably be the preferred option.

This revolutionary finding has even led schools to dedicate nap times beyond nursery and to start schools later to allow students more time to sleep.

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The benefits of napping don't stop at blood pressure. It has been found that naps can boost productivity and help with mental illnesses such as depression. This is hardly surprising, I mean who wakes up from a nap feeling worse?

So next time you find yourself gravitating towards your bed at 2pm, don't feel bad. Get your 60 minutes of heaven, then get back to the grind feeling better than ever.

Who knew my little afternoon kip was such a game changer? Uni please take note, no more 9ams.

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