23-year-old British backpacker from Oxford missing in Guatemala

Catherine Shaw was last seen leaving her hotel at 5am

Catherine Shaw, a British backpacker from Witney in Oxfordshire, has been missing for five days in Guatemala.

A jacket belonging to Catherine has now been found in the town she was last seen.

According to The Telegraph, she was last seen leaving the Eco Hotel in Mayachik, shortly before 5.30am on Tuesday, carrying a stray puppy.

The puppy was found shivering and alone at the highest lookout of Indian Nose, a volcano overlooking Lake Atitlan, San Pedro and San Juan between 5am and 6am on Friday morning. The lake has been searched by specialist divers.

Catherine's parents have "great concern for her safety." Lucie Blackman Trust charity has been supporting Catherine's family and released a video of her parents urging her to get in touch:

Her mother said: “Hello Catherine, we’ve been out of touch for five days and we, your family, your friends, we really need to know you’re happy and that you’re well."

Her father added: “Your friends, your family are all really worried about you. Please come home sweetheart.”

A fundraiser has been set up to help find Catherine, with nearly $10,000 raised in three days to fund her safe return.

Her friend, Jess Elizabeth, told The Tab: "She's a beautiful soul, loves nature, outdoors, looking after the planet, interested in permaculture, yoga, travelling. Light up and inspires and gives wisdom to everyone she meets. She's only 23 but an old soul for sure."

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Instagram via @vegan._lion

She was last seen on the 4th of March and was staying in the San Pedro, Lake Atitlan area with a friend called Elena Consolini.

In a Facebook post she said that Catherine seemed "really sad" before disappearing and that they played music together late on Monday before she went to bed.

Elena wrote: “I fell asleep and when I woke up she was not there, thinking she might have gone for a hike, a walk or something like that."

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Catherine Shaw (left) with friend Jess Elizabeth

A spokesperson for the hotel has confirmed her belongings has been left behind. He said: “Not knowing anything about Catherine, Elena returned to our hotel on Thursday afternoon asking after her and that was when Catherine’s belongings were handed to her.

“We are extremely worried about Catherine and we hope she is found as soon as possible.”

Catherine has been travelling since September last year, previously visiting Mexico and California.

She started travelling at the age of 18 after finishing school.Her friends say she didn't go to university as "her university is travelling around the world, learning, exploring and looking after the planet."

The Foreign Office confirmed that it is supporting the family.