Prince, Paris and Blanket: Who are Michael Jackson’s children?

Blanket’s changed his name to Bigi

The Leaving Neverland documentary into Michael Jackson's alleged child sex abuse against Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck aired yesterday evening, with the episode two on tonight. The accounts add to past accusations made against the singer.

But Michael Jackson's life was filled with controversies, some of which included his children Paris, Prince and Blanket. He infamously dangled his youngest son Prince Michael Jackson II, nicknamed Blanket Jackson, from a hotel window in Berlin. His daughter Paris Jackson has had to argue against claims she is not the biological daughter of Michael Jackson. They spent their childhood wrapped in sheets to keep their identities protected. In response to Leaving Neverland, some have claimed Paris Jackson is worried about her future acting career – a claim she denies.

But who are Michael Jackson's kids Prince, Paris and Blanket, what's their response been to Leaving Neverland and what have they been up to since their father's death in 2009?

Paris Jackson

Paris is the second child of Michael Jackson and nurse Debbie Rowe.

Her godparents are 'Home Alone's Macaulay Culkin (they even have matching tats) and the late Elizabeth Taylor .

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She's an up and coming model and actress, starring in the 2018 comedy ‘Gringo’ opposite Charlize Theron and is currently working on a new film ‘The Space Between’ set to launch later this year.

Paris Jackson has been featured on numerous magazine covers, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Australia and Rolling Stone.

She's into spiritualism, believing in the healing powers of crystals, lighting incense and posting memes 24/7 about her "spiritual guide". She has over 50 tattoos, the biggest of which is a line of chakras running down her chest due to her love of meditation. Paris is also an advocate of body positivity, proudly showing off her body hair, openly talking about her acne or posting about her stretch marks.

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In March 2018, Jackson and Cara Delevingne, were pictured kissing but denied it was anything more than just friends.

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for so long it has just been fire. i was so at ease and comfortable with the fluidity and strength and intensity of my aries flame, as well as my grounding from scorpio ascending. i then realized that there is no growth from comfortability. because as master shifu says, "if you only do what you can do, you will never be more than what you are now." and now i see that as i surrender to my water side, my cancer moon, i have become so so sensitive. and through trial and error i am finding that i must utilize my fire to stay strong through the sensitivity, and if i use both simultaneously, i find that empath balance. there's so much growth and healing to be. i'm excited for it. and i am so grateful that i get to share my journey with so many lovely beings of light that are willing to learn with me, teach me as much if not more than i teach them, and spread dat good sheeiiit aka love. it's through all of the elements of the universe that i find balance. because i am the universe.

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It's been disputed whether Michael Jackson is Paris Jackson's biological father. Mark Lester, who played Oliver in the musical 'Oliver!' has publicly stated he is Paris Jackson’s father, claiming MJ asked him to be his sperm donor back when the two were friends. Paris' mother Debbie denies all accusations, but people have called out the similarities between Paris and Lester’s daughter, Harriet.

Prince Jackson

Prince Jackson, born Michael Joseph Prince Jackson Jr, is the oldest of Michael Jackson's three children. He's not in the limelight as much as his sister Paris Jackson, but has made a few appearances on entertainment shows.

22-year-old Prince founded a charity called Heal Los Angeles, aiming to help those less fortunate in LA, following on from Michael Jackson's charity 'Heal the World'.

Prince Jackson has loads of cute dogs who he hangs out with, and likes riding motorbikes.

Blanket Jackson

Blanket Jackson, born Prince Michael Jackson II is the youngest of the Jackson children age 16. He changed his name to Bigi after persistent bullying from others for being called Blanket, his childhood nickname.

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They are so tender!💖🦄

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He is famous for being dangled over Michael Jackson's hotel balcony in Berlin in 2002.

Bigi has remained relatively away from the spotlight. However according to his Uncle Tito he could become a huge star and follow in his father's footsteps as a singer.

Bigi nor Prince have released any statements since Leaving Neverland aired.

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