Can someone tell me why all girls on Instagram look like they have a toothache?

Just trying to figure this one out

I don’t mean to alarm you but I may or may not have noticed an epidemic affecting thousands of girls on Instagram. All of a sudden, young women across the internet seem to have developed quite a painful toothache. And seriously, someone needs to call a dentist because they do not seem alright.

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via Instagram @amb_d

This new Instagram trend, possibly launched by Lady Gaga, seems to have been around for a while now. The pose is simple. It requires a hand, a mouth and a slightly pained expression. Though some girls clearly prefer to keep a straight face on, like they’ve already had their gums pumped full of local anaesthetic.

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Why do girls do it? Who knows. Maybe they think it makes them look like they’re deep in thought.

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The genius behind the toothache is its versatility. There are different levels of pain one can portray through the pose.

First, there’s the mild toothache where you’re struggling to even close your mouth, so you need your hand to keep your lower lip propped up.

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Then there’s the “my wisdom teeth have been coming through for the last three years and I’m too much of a wimp to get them taken out” toothache pose.

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Most importantly don’t forget the “Oh my God, I haven’t worn my retainers in years and now all my bottom teeth are getting overcrowded again so my gums are in bits. Look”

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via Instagram @ambardriscoll

I, for one, would use the toothache pose as an excuse to hide my double chin.

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But it seems the health problems don’t stop there for the Instagram models. Some are now even posing with migraines.

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As well as earaches. For the love of god please take some Ibuprofen and get your sinuses checked. I just want to make sure you’re all okay.

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