Ariana Grande’s evolution from 2009-2019 will leave you SHOOK

Ariana… is that… you???

Ariana Grande is arguably the biggest star of right now. She’s released hit after hit, all while dealing with a very public break up with Pete Davidson and mourning the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

One thing is certain though, Ariana has been serving us consistent looks for years now, immaculate on any occasion. But people have recently pointed out her dramatic transformation through the years, even likening it to blackfishing.

And after seeing these pictures of her gradual makeover, you can see that her look really has changed a lot. This is the timeline of Ariana Grande’s transformation from 2009 to 2019:


16-year-old Ariana is fresh faced and doesn’t have the red hair she wears for a few years. This is the year she breaks through on Nickelodeon as Cat Valentine on the show Victorious.

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She also has a YouTube channel, to which she regularly uploads videos.

These range from song covers to her hanging out with friends and Victorious cast mates. Like most 16-year-olds, Ariana wears heavy eyeliner and doesn’t shape her eyebrows.


Ariana is made to dye her hair red every two weeks because the producers of the show Victorious don’t want the entire cast to be brunette.

After the first season wraps, Ariana focuses on her debut album. During this time, she also films and uploads song covers on YouTube.

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Ariana releases her first music video called “Put Your Hearts Up” in which she has purple hair and an apparent, slightly orange, fake tan. She’s wearing her iconic pearl earrings.

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Three years later she admits she hated the song and the accompanying music video. She calls it “the worst moment” of her life in a Rolling Stones interview in 2014.


Ariana is still part of Nickelodeon’s Victorious and releases a music video called LA Boyz with Victoria Justice. She also gives a home tour with Cambio Goes Home. In this short documentary, she has bright red hair in a high ponytail.

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Ariana records her first studio album. Her song “The Way”, which features Mac Miller, debutes at number ten on the US Billboard Hot 100.

She dyes her hair back to brown and puts it in a high ponytail, where it’s curled at the ends. Ariana wears her signature pearl earrings and a pink bow in her hair for the music video.

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This is the year where Ariana’s style gets less innocent and a bit edgier. She releases “Problem” with Iggy Azalea, which becomes an instant hit worldwide. She looks way more bronzed than before.

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In the music video for “Break Free” Ariana’s hair is ombred and is now in a very high ponytail, which becomes part of her signature look.

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She also wears a darker lip for “Love Me Harder”, a song featuring The Weekend. And her cat headband makes a few appearances.

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Ariana releases One Last Time. Her lips seem plumper than before.

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She starts dramatically winging her eyeliner.


This year is one of the best in Ariana’s career. In the music video for “Into You” her skin looks dramatically darker.

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She also releases Side To Side, which is about having so much sex, you can’t walk straight! People start noticing she looks darker than Nicki Minaj in the video. Ariana now has a full fringe has a full fringe and visible eyelash extensions.

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In a picture with Nicki Minaj taken in 2016, she looks like she could be her sister.
Ariana also starts wearing more lace chokers.

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Ariana’s fashion style transitions to include more sportswear and hoodies.


Ariana has platinum blonde hair for her single “No Tears Left To Cry.”

But for most of 2018, has her hair in her natural colour.

People notice how tanned she is in this video interview for Billboard.

She wears her signature high ponytail with extensions. Her hair is long and silky smooth.

In the video for 7 Rings, Ariana’s eyebrows take a straighter shape and she wears big hooped earrings. Her lips look very plump and make-up more contoured.