All the evidence George Ezra is the fittest posh boy in the world right now

We don’t deserve him

When George Ezra collected his Brit award for best male solo artist last week, his soft, comforting and unapologetically received pronunciation voice echoed throughout the room. His thank you was possibly the most genuine thing on stage that night. But actually, George, I'd like to thank you, for being one of the purest and most beautiful souls in the UK right now. In that sort of posh boy, couldn't-hurt-a-fly kind of way, he is legit one of the fittest men on the planet. Don't even try to argue with me. I have proof.

He has been overlooked for too long now, he needs more than the attention of nans and mums across the UK – he needs YOUR attention.

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Angel x

Everything about George Ezra makes him fit. From how perfectly spoken he is, to the fact that he simply extremely good looking. Here are a few reasons why George Ezra just isn't deserved by the world:

George Ezra is basically that low key fit boy at uni that everyone fancies

He is so charming, posh, fluffy haired and polite that he makes the girls weak at the knees. Nobody knows why they fancy him so much, but they just do. He's the guy that's dressed super norm, maybe a shirt over a t-shirt, shit trainers and probably a Barbour. But he looks so good.

He's only 25, but he's already released so many good songs

His songs are so good, you can't even deny. Shotgun is a banger, as is Paradise, oh and so is Budapest, and Hold My Girl, and Barcelona. I could go on? And he writes his songs himself too, Paradise was the first song he wrote entirely on his own.

He is a funny, all round good guy which is dreamy

I mean, he's always smiling, he's lovely in interviews and he's just so humble. You don't need any more evidence than this video tbh:

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He's the kind of guy you'd be proud to take home to your parents

Think back to the Brits, where he was sat being interviewed by Jack Whitehall. He gave a shoutout to Jack's nan, saying: "HELLO MARY I HOPE YOU ARE WELL", what a gem. He's in the public eye, but also totally not problematic at all, he's never been called out for behaving badly, he doesn't have dodgy tweets, he's completely squeaky clean. It's refreshing.

And of course, George Ezra is just really, really fit

Here are some pictures of him being an angel.

You're welcome.

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