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‘Mum! Can you send me £100?’: The universities where students get the most money from their parents

Exeter is high on the list, shock


Let's be honest, many students get some sort of financial help from their parents. For some of us, that's a tenner for bread and milk in that final, painful week before your next student loan comes through. For others, their parents pay their rent and then more, with students still effectively receiving pocket money despite being 20 years of age. But according to Student Beans, the average student gets £3,000 a year from their parents.

Unsurprisingly, the statistics show that students from Durham, Exeter, Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College London receive the most money from their parents each month.

On average, Durham students receive £500 a month from their parents, Exeter and Cambridge students receive £450 a month and Oxford and Imperial students receive £400 a month.

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Little do our parents know we spend their hard earned cash attempting to chat up girls well out of our league

At the other end of the scale, students at Cardiff University receive the least amount of money from their parents – just £25 a month on average. Students at Nottingham Trent and Liverpool receive an average of £50 a month from the bank of mum and dad, students at Leeds receive £75 a month and students at the University of Aberdeen get an average £80 a month.

The data available also showed that parents from the South East and South West gave their kids the most amount of money per month (£450 and £400) on average, and parents from the East Midlands gave their children the least (£50).

You can see the full list of universities below:

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