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These Valentine’s Clubbers will make you cry into your microwave meal

You’re so fucking alone, but in the end we all are

Received wisdom suggests every Valentine's puts you into two categories: annoying mutuals by being performatively single on the 'net or, you know, shagging.

But, in the true spirit of Tony Blair, there's a third way. Getting rinsed online when you were just trying to have fun on a night out.

New Toy Story looks shit ngl. Andy's spent too much time looking at Yeezys

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I've lived a thousand LightYears in a single second

Good. Hair.

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Holding your mate's hair on is the ultimate act of friendship

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I love hair

Until you let go and they pull your hair off

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Still pulled

"Well there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded": Diana, Princess of Wales (1995)

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Does this make the smurf Camilla?

What are we having for dinner tonight? Chinese? Indian? NO

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I'M GOING TO EAT TIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Taps. Aff

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Milky bois are my fave

A man stares lovingly at his drink. It is his Valentine

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Club Tropicana, drinks love me???

Good composition

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Lots going on. Don't just scroll by

Eat my hand it's Valentine's and M&S have run out of the – frankly exceptionally well-priced – ready meal for two

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I know it's not romantic but it's ~necessary~

Two excellent photobombers

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Two vibes. Two brilliant vibes


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Oh my goodd yes I hope the question is about Roman viaducts

Fair fucks

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You just have to step up and be That Guy

No jokes, just everyone in this pic having a fucking great time

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Unlike you. You'll die alone.

All photos are from the clubs' official Facebook pages. Featured image via Trash Brighton.