Netflix’s You is creepy af without Joe Goldberg’s voiceover and you need to see this now

So much… silence???

It's been a month since I binge-watched Netflix's You and honestly, I'm still not over it how creepy Joe Goldberg is. Shockingly though, people keep romanticising him just because he's hot. I mean he's a stalker and a murderer!! You'd think that would be enough to put someone off.

But for anyone unsure if he's a massive creep, Netflix have released a video which shows the scenes without Joe's internal monologue. It's honestly so uncomfortable because it shows how those "intimate" moments between Beck and Joe are actually just a bunch of awkward silences.

Executive producer of You, Sera Gamble, told Vulture that his voiceover makes us sympathise with him. This is because we're viewing things from his point of view and therefore we can rationalise his twisted thoughts.

She said: "It took me a surprisingly long time to realise that Joe was not a reliable narrator, because we were in his head and we were in his point of view.

"I was just so interested in him and seduced by the honesty of his inner monologue that I kept finding myself rooting for this couple. When I sat down and thought about that, that is really disturbing."

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