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You can now buy vegan pigs in blankets and they actually taste good!

Don’t mind me, just gonna eat them all

It's been a good week for Vegans. First, Greggs announced they're going to trial vegan sausage rolls next year and now Morrisons have released vegan pigs in blankets!

The plant-based version is meant to replace the traditional pigs in blankets made with sausage and bacon covering them.

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The Morrisons vegan pigs in blankets are different to the traditional pork ones

The vegan alternative is made out of a blend of tomato, potato, mushroom and basic. And the "sausage" is wrapped in a slice of aubergine.

The Veggies in Blankets are being sold for £2.50 for a pack of 10.

Finally, vegans and vegetarians will be able eat the best dish of the whole Christmas dinner:

But some people aren't too convinced:

Morrisons’ party food expert Simon Whittle said: “Pigs in Blankets are arguably the best part of Christmas dinner.

“We’ve listened to customers who are looking for more plant-based options over the festive period and created a vegan version.”

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