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Hallelujah! Greggs are releasing vegan sausage rolls

It’s about bloody time!!!

Don't panic but Greggs are going to release a vegan sausage roll next year!!!!

There have always been rumours that the chain was working on a plant-based range, but a leaked email seems to confirm it's coming in 2019.

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According to the email, a Greggs representative wrote: “We’re really excited about the launch of the Vegan Sausage Roll as we know you and our customers will be too."

It's also hinted the sausage roll will be allergen free as the email stated: “To support you with allergens and the upcoming launch of our vegan sausage roll, we’ve created an Allergen and Vegan Sausage Roll training module.”

And people honestly can't wait:

The news comes after PETA called on a petition for Greggs to introduce a vegan sausage roll. It was signed by over 20,000 people.

The chain has also recently released some Christmas merch and now that they're planning to go vegan in 2019, I know I'll be buying a sausage roll phone case!

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