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Sleep texting is a thing, and experts say a lot of us are doing it

Ok this could be embarrassing

Have you ever woken up in the morning, gone on your phone and seen messages on there you have no recollection of sending? Turns out you're not the only one, as experts have said "sleep texting" is on the rise, and up to a quarter of us are doing it.

According to a survey published in the Journal of American College Health, 25.6 per cent of the 372 students polled reported sleep-texting behaviour. 72 per cent of students surveyed said they had no recollection of sending a message in their sleep.

What is sleep texting?

It is quite literally texting someone in your sleep. The survey defines sleep texting as "the act of responding to or sending a text message while in a sleeping state" – and it basically says you can instinctively respond to a message coming through, even though you are technically asleep.

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You think you are asleep, but next thing you know you've texted an ex

So this isn't just waking up in a daze, replying to the WhatsApp group chat and going back to sleep, this is being completely spark out, and not having any idea of what you are doing until you see the messages the next morning. You thought drunk texting was bad, well this is whole lot worse, and more embarrassing to explain.

Imagine waking up and you've texted all of your exes, or told someone you hate how you actually feel – it's nerve wracking just thinking about it.

Don't get too worried though, most of the texts sleep texters send don't actually make much sense.

But, why does this happen?

Sleep texting is a type of parasomnia, and Sleep expert at Nectar Sleep, Angela Crouch, told The Metro this is "a broad category that encompasses a number of sleep disorders including sleepwalking or sleep eating and that occurs during the REM stage of sleep.

"In this stage, different parts of your brain are awake and asleep. This means that some activities – like texting – are completed almost on autopilot.

"This is especially true if you are the type of person that is constantly glued to their phone and leaps into action every time you get a text."

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How to stop yourself from sleep texting someone

In short, a quick way to make sure you don't do it is to not have your phone with you in bed. Or keep your phone away from your bed whilst you sleep completely. If your phone isn't within reach, you are way less likely to pick it up and sleep text someone.

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