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This is officially the best time to swipe on Tinder – you can thank us later

According to new trends released by Tinder


For the first time, Tinder has released official statistics, called a "Year in Swipe" – all about trends among its users for 2018. This includes telling us when the best time to swipe on Tinder to get the most matches is, so thank you Tinder, for helping the most in need with this information.

You may have nailed your bio and got some pretty good conversation starters under your belt – but it's time to get serious. You want matches, you want to use Tinder to find a relationship, or get loads of dates. Here is the exact time to be swiping to get the most matches, and some other tips for how to up the ante on dating apps.

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Expect a lot more matches like this

When is the best time to swipe on Tinder?

According to the masterminds behind the app themselves, the best time to be swiping is 9pm on Monday. Which makes sense really, feeling the Monday blues and want a bit of a pick-me-up, you've spent another weekend on your own when all of your friends were out with boyfriends or on dates – you're going to result to dating apps.

March was the most active month for British people going swiping.

Blue Monday and Blue Monday Eve saw the most sign ups in the UK – and for anyone that doesn't know, that's Sunday 14th and Monday 15th January – when it's dark and people start worrying about the prospect of Valentine's Day alone.

The most conversations were started on the app on the weekend of the 13-14th October 2018.

Some more statistics for you:

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I would swipe past all of those songs, personally

You'll soon be among the most swiped right people in the UK.

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