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So you want to drop out of uni, here are your options

It could be the best idea

When you've had Freshers' Week, met all of your flatmates and properly got settled into your course – you might discover university isn't actually for you. You think you're never going to get a first, you don't even like VKs that much, and deadlines are more stressful than they're worth. You're not the only one. The rate of students that drop out of uni is constantly rising.

The decision to drop out still isn't one to be taken lightly, it's a huge move. For some though, it's the best thing they ever did. So if you do decide that dropping out is your best option – here is what to do.

Is dropping out of uni a good or bad idea?

At some point or another every single student has thoughts of dropping out, whether this is seriously or when you're knee-high in deadlines and don't think you'll survive. But for some, this idea is more than just a casual joke.

Yes it may be seen as a cop out or giving up, but it could be a really good decision, and one that is right for you.

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Not having as much fun as expected

The best bit of advice is often to make sure you've given it enough of a go. It's normal to feel homesick, miss the dog, or completely out of your depth – this doesn't mean you should leave completely. Without sounding like a complete bore, alcohol is a depressant – so making the decision straight off the back of Freshers' probably isn't a bright idea. Get through your first assignment, speak to your flatmates, course mates and family, and see what they say.

There are so many reasons why you might want to drop out. These include: a change in career ideas, not liking the location, not liking the course or financial or personal reasons. A lot of students find the place they go to uni isn't what they expected, they regret their course decision, they don't settle in as well or they don't feel they get enough student finance to make the most of university life.

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How to drop out of uni

If you do decide that dropping out is the best decision, there are more options than you might think. You don't have to drop out entirely, you can also change the course you are on.

You first need to speak to one of your tutors, as well as a tutor on the course you'd like to join, to discuss things like how much of the syllabus you've missed, and whether what you might have already learnt can be transferred to the new course.

You then need to speak to Student Finance and inform them of what you're doing.

You can transfer university. The Complete University Guide recommends to finish the year before considering a transfer, as this makes it easier to transfer credits from one course to another.

You might have to reapply for the new course through UCAS.

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Deadlines just aren't that fun

You can also defer a year. This is when you don't leave the course, you just take a year out in the middle. This could be a better option for students who feel university isn't right for them at the moment, but still want the same career prospects at the end. To do this you would need to discuss with your tutors and then speak to Student Finance about putting your loan on hold.

If none of these options suit you, and you do just want to drop out, you need to speak to a tutor from your course. If you have a personal advisor or similar, they are your best bet. You discuss with them your decision, and will probably have to sign a declaration of withdrawal and confirm any outstanding fees.

The process of dropping out will be different at every uni, but for more information you can look up dropping out on The Complete University Guide.

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