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People who are organised are WAY better in bed, research finds

Glad all that revision wasn’t for nothing!!

I know what you're thinking. How can those grumpy people walking around the library with their Pukka Pads all day, have a better sex life than you?

Well, it turns out organised people are way better in bed, because of their attention to detail and commitment to see results.

A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research reveals the big five characteristics which make you a good sexual partner, one of which is conscientiousness.

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Conscientious people love to plan and schedule everything, including sex, which makes them dependable and thorough in bed.

Justin Lehmiller, PhD found similar results when he surveyed more than 4,000 people about their sexual fantasies. Again, it showed conscientious people to have fewer sexual problems and more sex in general.

This is to do with the fact conscientious people love attention to detail and are therefore able to be specific about their wants and needs.

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Organised people put a lot of care and effort into their everyday life, so it's not a stretch to see how they put more effort into their sex lives and sexual relationships.

They pay more attention to fulfilling a partner's needs and requests. They also make more effort to have sex regularly, because the don't want to see their sex life deteriorate.

But obviously, if you're not an organised person, it doesn't mean you're bad in bed. There are a lot more factors which contribute to being good in bed, and being organised is just one.

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