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These are the secret Nando’s orders only staff and the biggest fans know about

Cheating the chicken shop system

The nation is officially divided. No, I don't mean Brexit, or the north-south divide. I'm talking about Nando's. Some believe the glorified chicken shop is the best thing to happen to the UK, whereas others will fight all day to say that Nando's is massively overrated and we need to get over it. But did you know there are loads of Nando's menu hacks to enhance your standard chicken and chips?

Yep, add that to the list of ways Nando's gets us talking.

No matter what you think, Nando's does the job. You go in there because you want chicken and chips – and you'll leave having had chicken and chips. You probably want a cheap meal – and with a student discount you get just that.

But are you doing Nando's right? Here are the ways to get the most out of your Nando's, and cheat the chicken system.

Ordering a water, and filling it up from the refill machine

Granted, this one is pretty well known. But if you want to save money, and are into a bit of petty crime – you order a water and then casually fill up your glass from the refill machine.

Nando's obviously know so many people do this, but does it stop anyone? Not at all.

Fill your drink with Fantoke

Dele Ali once tweeted about this, so it must be a big deal.

Basically you just get Fanta and Coke from the refill machine and mix it together – apparently it's amazing.

Not getting Perinaise and instead asking for mayo and adding your own peri dip

If you're a standard Nando's consumer you can pay for some Perinaise dip to have with your meal.

If you are an intellectual, seasoned Nando's consumer then you will ask for mayo, which is free, and add some of the Nando's sauces to it, also free. Plus, this means you can pick the flavour of your sauce and how hot, or completely mild, you want it.

Don't order a burger, order chicken with a side of garlic bread and make your own

It works out cheaper, and garlic bread burger buns are absolutely delicious.

Asking for rice on the side and making a burrito

Genius. If you like the Nando's wraps then you may as well go a step further and ask for rice on the side and add this to your wrap. A burrito! In Nando's! Amazing!

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The Nando's menu done right

Cheesy garlic bread and cheesy mash

If you ask, staff will add cheese on top of your garlic bread and mash sides. They will add two slices of cheese from the Sunset Burger – incredible.

If they do that, then surely they will add cheese to anything you want them to?? The possibilities are endless. Cheese addicts, you're welcome.

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If you're a wimp go Peri-Tamer, if you're really hard go Peri-Flamer

There are actually more than six spice options available on the menu.

Peri-Tamer is a BBQ sauce from the kids section of the menu – it's not spicy, but it is delicious.

Or if you want an adults version of this with a bit more kick, ask for Peri-Flamer. It's not on the menu, but staff will know what you mean.

Make yourself an amazing brunch of avocado on toast

You can order garlic bread, or just a burger bun and two sides of avocado and there you have it – avo on toast.

It's just a splash of dip and some peri salt away from gourmet – and it only costs £3.05.

Or just go all out and have breakfast

Nando's do breakfasts!!!

If you're super cheap (or obsessed) make it all at home

You can buy all of the bottle sauces from supermarkets and shops – so Nando's is never too far away. Your toasties, bacon sandwiches, chicken wings, rice, noodles or basically any meal ever will never be the same again.

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Just as good as from the restaurant x

Peri salt can also be bought and peri seasoning for meat – you can have Nando's every single day if you want.

Here are some recipes to make Nando's at home.

The best Nando's menu hacks are the ones you can enjoy on the sofa

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