Meet Dr Alex’s new GIRLFRIEND: Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller

He’s finally coupled up!!

Dr Alex spent eight weeks in a villa full of fit and fun girls and still couldn't find anyone he liked. The nation basically accepted that the A&E doctor would never find love. Well rejoice, as it seems the now TV doctor and overnight meme sensation has finally coupled up!! Yes, Dr Alex has a GIRLFRIEND, and her name is Aimee Fuller!

Dr Alex divided the nation whilst he was in the villa. The Exeter grad went from nice guy to entitled and disliked real quick, before he ended up going under investigation for his behaviour with Alexandra. Then in the biggest U-turn in reality TV history, the public started to back Alex and Alexandra to win – basically so she could steal the money and wave it in his face. Iconic.

Since the villa his drama hasn't stopped either. Any ideas of him going back to work were thrown out the window as he started posting pretty god awful videos on Instagram – cue the ahoihoihois – and then spiralled into out of control social media cringe. But now, in a shocking turn of events, he's a TV doctor for Good Morning Britain and he has a girlfriend. What a result.

He hasn't just bagged himself any girl either, he's seeing Team GB snowboarder Aimee Fuller. Ahoihoihooooii.

Here's everything you need to know about the girl that has sent the Dr's pulse racing.

She's 27 and from Farnborough

Aimee was born on July 21st 1991 in Farnborough, London. She moved to Washington when she was 12 and went to the British School of Washington, which is a private school in downtown Washington DC.

She moved back to the UK at 16 and lived in Belfast.

She's a Team GB snowboarder and has competed in the Olympics

Aimee competed for Great Britain at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, where she finished in 17th place. After her elimination she joined the BBC commentary of the event. The commentary received complaints because of its "low standards" and because the commentary team cheered when one of Team GB's competitors fell on the slopes.

She was also in the Winter Olympics this year, but crashed out in the final.

She has also competed at the X Games, finishing 6th in the Winter X Games in Europe, eighth in 2013 and seventh in 2014.

She's possibly one of the most sporty people in the entire UK

If going to the Olympics and commentating for the BBC wasn't enough, she also does yoga, swimming, wakeboarding, boxing, cycling and is always at the gym if her Insta is anything to go by.

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Touch down. New week. Full send… pic @jonpaynephoto

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Surprise in the post! ❤️ My new custom ArT deck ??

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Alex isn't the only ex-islander that she knows

It appears that Alex and Aimee may have struck up a friendship with fellow islander Laura Crane.

Maybe they met through Alex? Maybe Laura and Aimee had already bonded over their love for all things sport? Who knows. One thing we do know is that Jack Fowler won't be joining them on a double spinning class date, as him and Laura broke up this week. Sad.

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We see you

She also has a bunch of fellow Olympian and other sporty pals, and their social lives look so cool.

Yeah she hangs around with other people from Team GB and Australian presenters and goes down to the beach, for a bit of swimming, and they go to Aus. Just the norm.

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Mountains to the Coast ?? #makewavesmovemountains

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She does sponsored Instagrams, ofc

Like every other cool Insta girl, islander or slightly famous person – Aimee Fuller loves a good Instagram ad. It makes people a load of money – who can blame her?

She works with brands like Roxy, Sanctuary Spa, Wayfair, Vans and Vivo Life.

Her and Dr Alex are already doing cute couples things together

They work out and do yoga together, go out for food together and went and watched the tennis together. They obviously have bonded over their mutual love for health. Cute!!

Dr Alex splashed her all over his Instagram story this week. Which isn't surprising when literally everyone in the UK thinks he's unlucky in love – well not anymore.

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