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Meet Maya Jama: Host of The Circle, Stormzy’s girlfriend and radio DJ

Oh, and she’s unbelievably fit

Maya Jama has been plastered all over our TV screens, magazines, the radio and Instagram recently. She is the "it girl" right now – and you definitely want to be her best friend. Her rise to fame has been hard to ignore, but who is Maya Jama? The Bristol gal whose latest venture, TV show The Circle, starts tonight. Here's everything you could ever need to know about her.

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Bedroom eye ?

A post shared by Maya Jama (@mayajama) on Jan 10, 2018 at 1:33pm PST

She's 24, and from Bristol

Maya was born on August 14th 1994 in Bristol. She is of Somali and Swedish decent and was named after the famous American poet Maya Angelou.

Her dad has been in prison since she was a three years old and aged ten, she cut ties with him completely.

It was this that inspired her first documentary, When Dad Kills: Murdered in the Family.

She's a TV, radio and online presenter who started out when she was 16

She says she knew she wanted to be famous from a young age – and at 16 she left home to pursue her career.

She began by uploading videos of herself to YouTube before her first presenting role on JumpOff TV.

She then worked for Sky on TRACE Sports before becoming a DJ on Rinse FM.

Since then she's gone on to completely take over the scene – she's worked in TV, radio and online as a presenter.

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Maya on Good Morning Britain

She presents on Radio 1, and has done TV shows such as Cannonball and True Love or True Lies.

She has also worked with 4Music and MTV, and she presented the 2017 MOBO Awards.

Her latest TV show, The Circle, starts tonight on Channel 4 at 9.15. It follows contestants as they bid to become the most popular. Some are "real", but some are basically catfishes. They'll be living in the same building, but will not get to see or hear one another, except for communicating through a specially-designed social media platform called The Circle.

As well as all this, and just to make her even more enviable – she has her own range with Prettylittlething. Think major Clueless vibes, the range is beauts.

Maya is host of the fortnightly podcast When Life Gives You Melons, which is all about work, life, sex and yep – boobs.

Stormzy is her boyfriend, and they are a complete power couple

If her career wasn't enough to make you obsessed with her, she's also the girlfriend of grime artist Stormzy.

Her and Stormzy have been together for over three years and live together in Chelsea.

They met at a Red Bull Culture Clash gig and for her 22nd birthday Stormzy wrote her an entire song called Birthday Girl. GOALS.

The pair have both publicly spoken about their struggles growing up – hers about her relationship with her father and his of his struggles with depression.

Maya is often referred to as "Stormzy's girlfriend" but he insists that she made it before he did.

Welp, they are adorable.

She is the ultimate cool girl and has nearly 700k Instagram followers and a feed to die for

She is a fashion icon, is unbelievably fit and her Instagram feed is just dreamy.

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You do what you want when you’re poppin.. ?

A post shared by Maya Jama (@mayajama) on Aug 20, 2018 at 5:28am PDT

She hits the headlines for her fashion choices, and literally always looks good – even though she's known for posting "real life" selfies online.

She's basically one of the most fit, fashionable and down to earth girls on the planet – yep I've called it.

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She's reportedly worth £1.5 million

The Sun reported that she is worth one and a half million – which might be something to do with all of her career success on top of her partnerships with companies like Prettylittlething, Adidas, Gap, eBay and Maybelline.

That's without mentioning her countless TV appearances such as Loose Women, GMB, Release the Hounds and Celebrity Juice.

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Appearing on the Loose Women panel

She's probably part of the most enviable Whatsapp groups and goes to the best house parties

She's pals with some pretty top people like Chrissy Teigen, Jourdan Dunn and Winnie Harlow.

Her Instagram has pictures of her hanging out with them, as well as Wes and Megan from Love Island, Keith Lemon, Scott Mills, Professor Green, Courtney Cox, Phil Mitchell, Liam Payne, Idris Elba and Ant and Dec.

Can you imagine the group chats?!

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Sauce sandwich ?

A post shared by Maya Jama (@mayajama) on Sep 17, 2017 at 3:03am PDT

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