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Aldi has launched a new ‘hangover-free’ prosecco so I WILL see you in our 9am

Does this mean I can stop drinking own-brand vodka?

From the humble wheel, to the camera, to Netflix, and everything in between, great inventions have shaped the human experience for millennia. And now, a new invention takes its seat at the table, as Aldi introduce their 'hangover-free' prosecco, making the dreams of students nationwide a reality.

Some people believe that wine hangovers are particularly bad due to the use of sulphite preservatives – but the presence of these is lessened in organic wine, leading to a (hopefully) less intense hangover.

So in theory, since Aldi's new prosecco is organic, you should wake up the morning after hangover-free.

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After Lidl released their hangover-free prosecco, we put ourselves on the line to test it and found that it's legitimately a miracle.

A bottle of the prosecco in question will set you back £7.99 – but you can't put a price on a hangover free Sunday morning, so we'll definitely be taking the plunge.

Just in time for Freshers' Week.

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