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Here’s how you can get a Wetherspoons voucher that will save you £100 this term

The world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die x

Nobody panic, but the best thing to ever happen in the history of the world has happened, and we're not even exaggerating.

Wetherspoons is handing out free voucher booklets with £100 worth of discounts in them to students. You can get one at your Freshers' Fair or just ask behind the bar in your local Spoons after showing them your student ID.

Spoons understands the struggle of trying to nourish ourselves on a student loan, all whilst maintaining a sufficient social life on overpriced alcohol. But don't worry, Spoons has saved the day and given us yet another reason to go every single week.

They're providing a hangover breakfast from 8am (who's even up before then anyway) with eggs, hash browns, the lot. The best part? It's at a discounted price of £2.69.

And for only 89p, they're giving us UNLIMITED FREE REFILLS on coffee and tea all day, every day. Hold me.

Not to mention, their unlimited free Wi-Fi. Screw the library, let's go to Spoons to revise lads.

Wetherspoons have said: "Why pay £3 or more for one coffee on campus, when you can have all the coffee you need for the whole day at such a low price? You don't need a degree to see that that's great value." No, you don't Spoons but you're definitely going to help us get one with all that free coffee.

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Here come the cocktails, and oh my God they're discounting pitchers to £4.99 and vodka mixers to £1.99. Spoons said: "That's perfect for partying when you're penny-pinching." They just get it, you know.

Social secs listen up, some Wetherspoons also provide private rooms, bars or snugs for FREE. You can even use the Spoons app to order drinks, without having to leave your swanky private space. Stop itttt.

Wetherspoons, what more is there to say other than I love you.

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