Love Island 2018: Which couples are still together?

Paula may be over but who’s still going strong?

Love Island 2018 left us with more couples than ever before, but how many of them are actually still together? We've asked experts how long the Love Island 2018 couples will last, we've even written our own predictions on what will happen as soon as the couples leave the villa.

But now that it's been nearly two months since the show has finished, we've investigated which Love Island couples of 2018 are still together and who's savagely broken up like Laura and Paul:

Dani and Jack – TOGETHER

The winners are going strong after moving in together when the show ended. They bought a beautiful flat in Canary Wharf. They've met each other's families and have just come back from a holiday in Ireland. We stan.

Laura and Paul – SPLIT

Just two months after coming second in the competition, Laura and Paul, the couple that was never officially together, announced their split.

A source close to the couple told The Sun: “Laura and Paul have been so busy since the show finished and both had holidays planned without each other – so have ended up spending a lot of time apart.

“Paul went to New York for modelling work and on to Burning Man while Laura enjoyed some time back in Dubai where she lived before signing up to Love Island.

"They saw each other on Saturday night but only for a personal appearance and things weren’t the same between them so they have decided to cool off their romance.

“Neither of them will be ready to speak about their split in public just yet but they may well do later this week once it has sunk in.”

Josh and Kaz – TOGETHER

Josh and Kaz are going strong and there have been no rumours surrounding their relationship. They're both enjoying life after the Villa and recently went on holiday to Spain together (even if it was a work gig.) Unlike most Love Island couples, they haven't moved in together, but they do spend a lot of time together.

Megan and Wes – TOGETHER

Wegan are going strong but have admitted they struggle when they don't see one another due to busy work schedules. They've moved in together in Southend after Love Island and revealed they're having more sex than ever since leaving the Villa. They were caught doing bits in an airport toilet days after the show finished. Classic.

New Jack and New Laura – TOGETHER

New Jack and New Laura are still taking it slow and haven't become official. They've admitted they struggle finding enough time to spend with one another with their busy schedules, but they have recently been more visible on each other's social media. Maybe next year they'll be boyfriend and girlfriend. 👀

Georgia and Sam – STILL LOYAL BOO

Georgia wants you to know that her and Sam are still together and still loyal to one another. She makes a point of it in every Instagram post she does. They've recently moved in together and their house looks exactly what you'd expect it to look like. Mirrors everywhere.

Charlie and Ellie – TOGETHER??

Charlie and Ellie are somehow still together but they're on the rocks. The last thing we heard, Charlie secretly dumped Ellie and KICKED her out of his house. An insider told Ok! Online their relationship was rocky since they both left the Villa. They're often seen fighting in public and leaving events separately and Ellie has been papped crying, a lot.

Samira and Frankie – SPLIT

Samira dumped Frankie after he savagely cheated on her not once, but TWICE. The 22-year-old was filmed fully snogging another girl during a PA in a club, while Samira was doing her own PA event in another town. Also remember how he slept with someone hours before reuniting with Samira at the airport? Trash. Sadly, the couple only lasted two months.

Adam and Zara – TOGETHER

Adam and Zara are still together and are actually really sweet. They've been going from strength to strength and recently came back from Dubai. Their commitment is so real, they've even got their names tattooed on each other's hands. They're often seen hanging out with Ellie and Charlie in Sheesh Chigwell.

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