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We asked Brits if these Aussie words were sexual or not and they got it very wrong

Do you know your bogans from your frangers?

Through a little thing called Love Island Australia, the viewing public have discovered a crazy new place: Australia.

Whenever they argue over their sordid love lives it sounds like the seagulls from Finding Nemo. But they're not saying "mine", they're spouting off weird slang. Bogan. Crack a fat.

What does it all mean? We asked a few unsuspecting, gutter-minded Brits if they could guess whether these Aussie slang terms are just secret ways of being smutty.

Crack a fat

What it actually means: Get an erection.

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What people thought it meant: "It's fart, not a sex term. Like 'after that curry I really need to crack a fat'." (Aisling)

"Fart." (Hamzah)

"Smoke a doobie? Sample Lucifer's allotment? Surely it's about drugs not sex. You'd go 'Hey Bryan, do you want to crack a fat with me and Chad after work today?' wouldn't you." (Jonny)

Liquid laugh

What it actually means: To vomit.

What people thought it meant: "It's sperm or jizz. 'He ejaculated and liquid laugh came out'." (Hamzah)

"When someone's got a really fit laugh, you'd say they had a liquid laugh." (Lucy)

Mappa tassie

What it actually means: It's a woman's pubic area, which is meant to look like a map of Tasmania.

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You be the judge

What people thought it meant: "It sounds like a dip, like a goulash or something. That mappa tassie is to die for, you know." (Jonny)

"Nipples, surely. 'I love ya mappa tassies', or something." (Lucy)

"It's gonna be something weird like their main supermarket chain." (Josh)

Come the raw prawn

What it actually means: Far from being the most vividly grim bit of Aussie sex slang, it actually means to bullshit. You'd say "don't come the raw prawn with me."

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What people thought it meant: "I think it's a sex term for when a guy wants to get an erection. You'd scream "come the raw prawn!!!!' " (Lucy)

"This is just blatant. It's asking for someone to get their dick out." (Josh)

"It has to be a sex term. Does it mean penis?" (Aisling)

"Unprotected sex." (Hamzah)


What it actually means: This one is blowjob. Truly, if music be the food of love, let Australian be the language of love. Gob on.

What people thought it meant: A sloppy kiss. I can imagine a guy saying like 'She wasn't very good, she gave me a gobby'." (Lucy)

"Mouthy, as in when someone talks too much. Not a sex term for sure, you'd say 'that girl is so gobby'." (Aisling)

"You'd tell someone who doesn't shut up to stop being such a gobby." (Hamzah)


What it actually means: "an uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status." It's how the Aussies make demonising the working class #fun.

They're probably glad there's no Tab Australia.

What people thought it meant: "A fit person. I've literally only heard the girls describe the boys from Love Island Australia as a bogan and they're all fit so it must be true." (Aisling)

"Butt stuff? She loves a good boganing." (George)

"It's like an Aussie chav, right?" (Josh)


What it actually means: Not the mental dance music from that Vice video. It's the cricket ground in Brisbane – short for Woolloongabba, the suburb it's in. A cornerstone of Australian sporting heritage.

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The Gabba during a cricket match. Photo via Rae Allen

What people thought it meant: "Does it mean drugs or cocaine? Let's get some gabba in and have a large one!" (Lucy, during a very exciting weekday)

"I think it means cunnilingus." (Josh)


What it actually means: Condom

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Tab frangers from a simpler time

What people thought it meant: "A sex term for fingering. Like, 'he frangered me'?" (Lucy)

"When you finger someone in a club. This is not from personal experience, I hasten to add." (Jonny)

"'Emily needs to chill, she's such a franger,' it's someone who freaks out a lot. Definitely not a sex term." (Aisling)


What it actually means: A dog.

What people thought it meant: "Is it like a blowjob but in the winter and outside? Your mate rolls up and says 'We were at Chris' New Year's Eve party and I was outside with Charlie and I gave him a bluey as the clock struck midnight'." (Jonny)

"A blue bottle, a fly. It's definitely not a sex term. 'Mate, there's a bluey on your food.'"(Aisling)

"Nah, it sounds very sexual. Almost like a crude re-imagining of the term blowie with a weird Aussie accent." (Josh)

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