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New pictures reveal what Prince Harry’s bedroom at Eton looked like

The decor included pics of bikini models and a large England flag

One of the reasons everyone is so obsessed with the royals is because they are so secretive. What are they really like behind closed doors?

Well, recently uncovered photos reveal Prince Harry's life during his time at elite boarding school Eton, which costs £32,000 a year to attend.

However, his room is not made of gold, there is no chandelier, it looks pretty normal to be honest.

The picture, taken in 2003, shows Harry sitting by his desk and chest of drawers. With the items on view behind giving an insight into his teenage years.

Directly behind him is a massive tapestry, the kind found on many gap yah students walls in halls. Pinned to the tapestry is a cutout of actress Halle Berry, who judging by the tweet below is absolutely loving the revelation.

As well as Halle Berry, there are two more photos of women in bikinis in the top left of the pic.

There's also an England flag on his wall, and as a massive rugby fan Harry presumably put up in anticipation for the 2003 Rugby World Cup, which England won.

Harry also kept a framed photo of Princess Diana on his desk, paying tribute to his late mum.

If you click on the Insta below, the other photos on the slideshow include a picture of Harry making toast in his boarding house and if you only ever look at one image ever again make sure it's this one.

Weirdly, all consumer products and cosmetics have been turned around so as not to display the brand names.

However, Lynx have claimed a marketing victory by identifying a can of their deodorant stacked on top of Harry's frankly ginormous CD player.

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