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This is why you might recognise John James from Love Island Australia



It’s likely by now you’ve been persuaded by a friend to start watching Love Island Australia. Undoubtedly better than the UK version with hotter people, more arguing, sex and all in an Australian accent, people are finally catching on and settling down for another Love Island take over.

If you’ve been watching, there’s one contestant on Love Island Australia who for the UK audience looks really, really familiar. John James, the hunky man from Melbourne who looks like a descendant of Zeus himself, has actually been on British screens eight years ago when he was a contestant on Big Brother – he nearly made it to the final!!

Here’s everything you need to know about John James from Love Island Australia:

John James was on Big Brother in 2010

John James’ debut TV appearance wasn’t Love Island Australia, but instead Big Brother. In 2010 he appeared on the show, and was evicted a week away from the final.

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Can you believe we used to think this look was hot

He looks completely different to how he does now

In the Big Brother house 24-year-old John James had A LOT of hair, dyed bleach blonde in that boyband mop style you’d rather just forget about now.

He also loved this beanie, which hopefully he’s now burned.

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He has a new hat now x

He was popular on the show because he had a relationship with winner Josie Gibson

John James had some practice going into the Love Island villa and having an on screen romance as it’s not the first time he’s had a fling on television. John James and fellow BB contestant Josie Gibson struck up a relationship in the Big Brother house. Josie went on to win the show, and the couple dated until April 2011 until John James dumped her to move back to Australia – savage.

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Cute x

People were SHOOK and CONFUSED when it was announced he was entering the Love Island Australia villa

And fair enough, that glow-up is impressive.

However John James didn’t last long, walking out after just one week in the villa, two days after love interest Kim was booted out. Refusing to push on, or be the last man standing in a recoupling, John James said: “I guess I went on there for one reason, and that was to sort of find a connection with someone, and yeah, it didn’t really work out.”

Despite walking out the villa, John James provided his own Love Island commentary on his Instagram

He even offered to follow people who interacted with his posts, desperate to get as many comments and likes as possible. Worried he might not follow everyone back, in one post he even asks people to DM him if he’s missed them off his follow list – cringe.

John James is 32 and from Melbourne

He’s an international DJ

66,000 people follow him on Instagram

Which is pretty low considering he’s been on Big Brother AND Love Island Australia, and is a big time DJ…

But he’s had a few sponsored posts since leaving Love Island from a fake tan and watch company

Bondi Sands tanning have got the Love Island Aus reject promoting their tan. Classic Love Island sponsors.

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