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If you’re as smart as you think you are, you’ll get full marks in this 2018 GCSE quiz

Wow so all those pints really did kill your braincells

Look at you. All smug that your GCSE days are long behind you. Bet you think you’re superior just because you did yours before the government introduced the weird number grading system to make those 16-year-old Snapchat addicts feel better about themselves.

Sure, you’ve landed yourself a place at a Russell Group uni and got a summer internship at a reputable establishment. Congrats! Go and write a LinkedIn post about it.

But look at yourself in the mirror. Can you honestly tell me that you remember the difference between a chromosome and a chromophore? Or what the hell an oxbow-lake really is?

Take this 2018 GCSE quiz to find out how dumb you’ve really become. We will give you you a number grade as part of the new grading system: