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Which uni is the most oversubscribed in the UK? Find out here

Everybody wants to go to St Andrews

The feral carnage of A-Level results day – 18-year-olds clambering to live up to their parents' expectations and universities scrabbling to get as many fee-payers through the door as possible – has had everyone thinking just how many people are going to uni.

If you were going through clearing, you'd be sure that every uni was oversubscribed. Well, obviously some are more in demand than others.

UCAS data on 2017 applications and entries shows St Andrews to be the most oversubscribed uni. There were 10.99 applications for just 1,535 acceptances. The uni is famous for its secret societies, but it seems even attending puts you in a very exclusive club.

LSE came in second, marginally less oversubscribed than 2016 – a manageable 10.75 people going for each place rather than 10.93. Of the 18,225 who applied, only 1,695 were accepted.

Oxford and Cambridge sit near the bottom of the table, with 6.28 and 4.96 applications per place respectively. Obviously more people applied for Love Island, but the fact the country's top universities aren't even that oversubscribed might just make you think the whole comparison is silly.

Cardiff Met saw the fewest applications – 9,280 – and also the fewest applicants per place.

Overall, the university with the highest number of applications remained Manchester. The 63,950 youngsters eager to be able to tell everyone how cool they are is up exactly 200 on 2016.

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