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These are the absolute worst stories of weird things an ex has done after a break up

He took her car to the dump and posted it on Facebook

We've all got ghosts from our past. Exes who rear their heads again as if we would ever want to hear from them after what they did. But alas, it happens to the best of us.

It's not always a simple "let's meet up and talk about this" text though, some of you have fucking weirdos in your past who will use anything to get back in contact, whether it's Paypal or threatening to destroy a car. Yeah, we've all been there I guess.

Here's a few of the weirdest stories I've ever heard about people's exes. I'm scared.


My ex-boyfriend decided to take my car, which I had kindly lent him, to the scrap yard and get it crushed. He got £76.50 for it and put pictures of it on Facebook.


My ex-girlfriend called me eight weeks after we had broken up and asked “are we still together????”

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I was out with all my mates at home. We were having a smoke when my ex-girlfriend came out of nowhere and punched me in square in the nose.


I drew my ex-girlfriend of two years a really nice picture of a tiger for her Christmas present. It took me ages, but when we broke up she gave it back, which was actually quite sad. However I got over it pretty quick when I found out she had sold the green Jack Wills gilet I had also bought her on eBay for £90.

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The actual tiger picture. It's quite good imo


My ex literally just tried to shag all of my mates.


When I was 17 my ex did a shit in a Ziploc bag and put it through my letterbox


I had broken up with my ex a couple of weeks before I was due to fly to Thailand. She had no plans to go away, but when I was on the beach I saw on Facebook she had checked herself into the airport with “Thailand here we come” as her status.


I’ve had all my possessions returned to me in a bag and then she tried to force her way into my car for “one more hug and maybe a kiss”, I drove off and she hit the back of the car and then text me saying that I should die.


The worst thing my ex did was hack into my Facebook and message loads of boys from my uni on the weekend being like “omg isn't it funny we hooked up last night!!!”

He wanted to see if I’d got with anyone and whether any of the boys would reply. The annoying thing is I didn’t check my messages, so all my uni mates thought I was nuts.

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My old boyfriend from three years ago replied to a Snapchat of my current boyfriend and my dog saying “get that man away from my dog”. We hadn’t spoken in months.


My sister and brother were invited to dinner with my ex-boyfriend three after we split. I was not invited, obviously.


I had bought tickets for me and my ex to go and watch Michael McIntyre. We broke up, and a couple of months after she text me to say she accidentally got something delivered to my house. Turns out she took the tickets for herself, as well as my watch and razor – which is weird.


I'd broken up with my girlfriend as I was going off to uni and didn't see it continuing, but a few months later we both found ourselves at the weekly student night in our town. I left quite early and after I was already tucked up in bed when I get a call from her saying she's missed the last train home and can she stay over as she lived quite far away.

At this point I was living in a house just me and my mate so I say "I'll leave a key out and the sofa is free" and then go back to sleep. My ex ended up sleeping in my housemates room and my housemate on the sofa, when I woke up and found my housemate on the sofa, we then both heard a girl and a guy giggling upstairs.

A few minutes later my ex is then rushing some guy out of the door hoping we don’t see but we’re watching them scamper away from the window finding it all pretty jokes.

Me and my housemate go off to work and when we get back home that evening my ex, who worked at Costa at the time, is waiting outside armed with £25 worth of Costa cakes and pastries by way of an apology.

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I went on a group holiday with my ex two weeks after we broke up, we had an argument and she tried to throw a tv at me and push me off a seventh floor hotel balcony.


A girl on my course cheated on her bf so many times, and when they broke up they still went on holiday together and shared a room. She kept bringing back other lads to the room and made him wait outside of the room, and one night he kicked off about it so she broke his nose.


After we had broken up my ex sent me a long voicemail of just him crying down the phone.


I had been going out with this girl for about six months but broke it off and pretty soon afterwards started seeing someone else. We were at a club one night and bumped into my ex who obviously did not enjoy seeing me out with someone new.

Next thing I know she’s screamed “HEEEEYA” and karate kicked me in the dick. The weirdness of what had just happened meant I was kind of distracted from the intense pain.


An ex of mine is a musician, and has a band out in Spain which is kinda good. But, when we broke up, he wrote a song about me called ‘Miss Unnecessary Sass’. He then performed the song on stage, in front of his new girlfriend, and sent me videos of him singing it. His new girlfriend loved it, but doesn’t know that it’s about me. It goes nicely with his sun tattoo on his arm.

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My ex literally followed me home after I broke up with him. It was actually really scary, he was like 100 yards ish behind me just following where I went and it was quite late at night. I just rang my friend and ran to the nearest tube station to get away from him.


I slept with my ex about a week after we’d split up when I was drunk and then he had to drive me home the next day. It was so awkward, I didn’t want to be there and he could tell, it was the most horrible car journey for about half an hour he was crying and I was pretending I couldn’t tell.

Just to add to it, ‘When I was your man’ started playing on the radio. After about 20 minutes I saw a pigeon in the road and it just wasn’t moving. My ex ran it clean over, nothing more was said. When I got back to mine he texted saying nothing more than just “the pigeon is dead”. Then he joined the navy. The next day.


Me and my ex had a pretty rocky breakup so I blocked him on everything. But then everyday he would paypal me 1p with a different reference. Something like "please reply" or "answer me" was quite common. He also emailed my housemate a picture that said "I love you" with the subject "pass on to Kate".


My ex was a mechanic and after we broke up he sent me a picture of my uncle’s car in his garage. He knew the personal number plate so knew it was someone in my family that the car belonged to. He captioned it "mad how I could fuck up this car right now". I sent the text to the mechanics and he got fired.