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Love Island Gossip Column: The show might be moving to a DIFFERENT CHANNEL and the latest Ofcom complaints revealed

But ITV2 is my spiritual home

When we said the gossip won't stop just because the show's over, we weren't lying.

So here we are again, it's The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, stay tuned for the newest drama and tabloid exclusives you didn't know you needed.

Love Island commentator, Iain Stirling said Jack and Dani kiss like his grandparents

Iain Stirling, commentator for ITV2's Love Island said on Friday night that Jack and Dani, winners of Love Island 2018 kiss like his grandparents. He made the comment while on The Big Narstie Show.

The brutal comment rings true for many viewers, as Jack and Dani are the first couple to ever win the show without having sex on telly first.

Stirling also admitted the show hasn't been as raunchy as previous years. He said: "There wasn’t as much this year. Jack and Dani didn’t have any. Did you see the way they kissed each other? They kissed like my grandparents."

Is Georgia working as a shot girl again? Or just at a club personal appearance?

Georgia Steel is back at her old shot girl tricks as she pours vodka down someone's throat at Fever & Boutique Basingstoke.

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Eyal had a star-studded birthday bash to celebrate turning 23

His fellow islanders joined him to celebrate turning 23 as well as Chloe Sims and Lady Nadia Essex.

Eyal also said he wants to get to know Alexandra as they get close on his birthday

They were seen getting close in videos on Alexandra's Instagram story, Eyal even giving Dr Alex's ex a kiss on the cheek.

When asked about a potential romance by The Sun, Eyal responded: “I’m certainly open to that. I think she's beautiful and came across incredibly well with dignity and integrity but I don't know her and it’s important for me to get to know someone really well.

“I'm sure I'll see her a lot more and if we get to know each other then great.”

Megan shared an emotional post on Instagram to show how strong she is after being criticised by the media

She says: "Today I really feel that I need to address some of the stories out there about me on behalf of women in general. I support all women, regardless of the choices they make about what they do with their bodies.

"My dad always told me unless you’ve walked in someone’s shoes then don't judge them. It’s 2018 and it’s time we stopped allowing the vilification of women in the media.

"Thank you to all of the amazing women that have and continue to follow my journey. Your messages of support mean so much to me. I won’t allow stories like these to stop me from be a free thinking, confident, independent young woman striving to make a better life for myself and my family."

We can now confirm Laura deffo loves a ciggy

Until now it has been purely speculation, but we can now confirm Love Island's Laura Anderson deffo loves a ciggy after she was papped at Eyal's birthday party.

Laura has also revealed that after Wes dumped her for Megan, she went and sat on the beach all night and smoked 24 cigarettes. What a woman.

You can find out who else from the Love Island cast smokes here.

Love Island might be airing on a different channel next year

In yet another shock twist that will inevitably ruin the show, Love Island might be moved to ITV1 next year, as it becomes the most watched show ever during its slot. 3.6 million viewers tuned in to watch the final on Monday so now ITV1 has got it's eyes on the show, according to The Sun.

It was reported in Sun that Love Island is set to run for another five years, perhaps on the new channel. ITV2 boss Angela Jain told the Daily Star on Sunday: "It is a show that will evolve and live and breathe. My hope is that it is going to be on telly for the next five years. So who knows where it will go.”

Dani Dyer's boss has said he'll keep her job free in case the fame doesn't work out

Dani Dyer’s old boss says he’ll keep the Love Island winner’s barmaid job open in case her celeb status fades, according to The Sun. When she took boyfriend Jack Fincham to visit the pub she used to work at in Epping, her boss said he'd be keeping her position open, just in case.

He's probably hoping it won't work out so he can have a famous barmaid again.

The real reason Georgia says she's "loyal" all the time is because her dad left when she was young

Georgia said the word "loyal" hundreds of times throughout this series of Love Island, even hitting 35 in one episode. But, according to Cosmopolitan, there's reason for her claims to loyalty.

Georgia's biological father left her and her mother when she was only young. For this reason, her mother has taught her that being loyal is the most important thing in life.

"It was really, really hard," Georgia told The Sun. "It’s sad, and it’s 100% impacted on how I am now and my relationships. I wouldn’t wish what has happened to me on anyone."

"If I’m honest with you, the whole loyalty thing, that is something my mum has brought me up with. To always be loyal to whoever you’re with.

"I definitely stand by the people I care about more than anything. With me and my mum, there’s nothing that could break us up at all. It made me and my mum closer."

Three people complained to Ofcom about Laura and Paul coming second

This year's Love Island received around 4,000 Ofcom complaints for various issues. There was the producers gaslighting Dani by bringing Ellie Jones onto the show and Dr Alex being investigated for the hand shoving incident.

But the most recent Ofcom complaint to be revealed is that three viewers complained after the final that Laura and Paul should not have come second. Petty, I love it.

Finally, we can confirm Dr Alex is just as cringe on the outside as he was in the villa

His Instagram game is simply shocking.

And referring to anything as "classic me" is cardinal sin. Sorry doctor.

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