This map shows the cheapest places to buy coke in the UK

Edinburgh is the most expensive

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Everyone's been saying millennials are the most boring generation – that we do drugs less, have sex less and drink less than previous generations did in their youth. However, a recent study from the Home Office shows 16-24 year olds are taking more drugs than ever.

Cocaine usage has doubled, purity has gone up, and the price has plummeted. But where should you go in the UK to get the cheapest coke?

Over 12,000 of you took our drugs survey earlier this year, and now we know all about uni drug habits from all over the UK. So we can now tell how much you spend on average at each UK uni.

It turns out that Liverpool has the cheapest coke, with an average of £44 a gram there. Edinburgh on the other hand has the most expensive coke of all the UK unis. Students there are paying an average of £74.

Below is a map of the UK, showing how expensive a gram of cocaine is there on average. Dark green is more expensive and light green is less so.

Surprisingly, students at the London unis don't pay the most, with UCL and KCL paying an average of £61 and £54 respectively.

UWE are close to the top of the table, paying an average of £71 per gram, but this is unsurprising considering 79 per cent of UWE students use the substance. They obviously know where to get the good stuff.

Coke usage among students is increasing each year. Last year, Northumbria topped the tables as the cokiest uni, with 71.86 per cent of you being cocaine users.

Even Warwick – which was at the bottom of the table last year, as only 28.99 per cent of students there using coke – has shot up with a usage rate of 40.2 per cent this year.

Manchester Metropolitan University is now officially the cokiest uni in the UK, with 81.6 per cent of students there claiming to use the substance, beating Uni of by about nine per cent.

You can see the full table here:

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