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NUS Trans Officer suspended over claims she posted explicit photographs of a person flashing

She’s the first ever trans NUS officer


Jess Bradley, a non-binary transgender woman and the first ever NUS Trans Officer, has been suspended over claims she posted explicit photos on an online blog.

The blog, called Exhibitionizm, revealed pictures of an individual flashing erect genitals in public spaces such as train stations, at a desk and bus stops.

The blog was highlighted by the Twitter account @NoMoreSilence, revealing a thread of the intimate pictures and videos posted on the blog.

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Bradley's blog was called Exhibitionizm

Exhibitionism involves flashing genitals in specifically public spaces, which can lead to fantasies in those who expose and those who receive pictures of the exposure.

Bradley is the first ever NUS Trans Officer, and is paid £24,000 a year. She has been involved in running campaigns within the 600 Students' Unions to improve representation of trans students on campus, as well as chairing meetings for the Trans Student Committee and Conference.

An NUS spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "The matters pertaining to the investigation are confidential to allow for a fair and impartial process. NUS will continue to support Jess, full time officers, staff and volunteers during this time."

Bradley's statement on her personal blog has since been released: "I have currently been suspended from my role at NUS pending an investigation.

"Due to my contractual obligations to keep the nature and details of the investigation confidential, there are a number of things I would like to say but am currently not able to talk about without risking my job.

"I appreciate at this time there is a lot of speculation about my conduct and I am able to tell you that I am confident that none of my behaviour has been unlawful, and that I have not engaged in sexual activity with anyone, or in the view of anyone, without their consent.

"I intend to engage cooperatively with NUS’ investigation, and hope I should be in a position to talk about the situation in full to the communities that I am accountable to. This statement is all I am going to say on this matter until the NUS investigation is completed."