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Pretty Little Thing have taken away our 30 per cent student discount and now I have trust issues

Did we hurt u??

Today is the day we regret. We regret all the times we didn't just impulse buy our good jeans and nice tops for going out, the glitter we didn't jump for, and the shoes we knew would break but needed to have them.

Shoppers this morning discovered that Pretty Little Thing have now reduced our precious 30 per cent discount to 10 per cent, when error messages appeared saying that their student card was "invalid".

Others noted that the next day delivery option on the bill has risen in price, and is always unavailable if selected. Just what in fresh hell is going on?

Pretty Little Thing is by far the best quality of online shops, better than Missguided or Boohoo, imo. But even the most loyal PLT shoppers have said they'll always shop where the percentage is bigger.

Not even Unidays is proud of the slash, avoiding displaying the percentage on their website.

Our chances are gone, we are distraught. Us girls, we need a national mourning period. What will do without our tidy money off when we're bulk buying dresses for not much more than £8???

A spokesperson from PLT told The Sun the discount was still live "at 10 percent", and there shouldn't be "any issues" when purchasing from the site, but still didn't provide a reason why.

Give us back our discount PLT, we don't deserve this…

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