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Graduation 2018: A selection of the best pictures from across the UK

‘Uni? Completed it mate’

The time has come for your news feeds to become flooded with mortarboard topped graduands fighting for your attention with their strained puns. "How can I sum up my uni life within the word graduation?" they will ask. They settle on "gRADuation" and wait for the likes to roll in. Or they cop out and just write "Uni? Completed it mate" along with everyone else who never mentally left sixth form.

Having said this, credit to this fine selection of you, who not only completed a whole university degree, but looked damn good doing it. This is your selection of the best uni graduation pics. Enjoy.

Flo – Evolutionary Anthropology at Liverpool

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Ola – Business Management at Leeds

Emma – Publishing and English at Loughborough

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Jake – English Literature and American Studies at Manchester

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Sophie – Accounting and Finance at Leeds

Byeeeeee university ?? ?

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Natalie – English at Southampton

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Megg – Journalism at Falmouth

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Emma and Hannah- Graphic Design at Arts Uni Bournemouth

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Credit: Gabriel Bush Photography

Tarun – Engineering at Manchester

Lydia – Media and communications at Leeds