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We spoke to Love Island Kaz’s hilarious brother about those grim tweets he’s been getting about his sis

And yes, we asked him about Georgia

On the 21st of June music student Kav Crossley got a text from his sister that would turn his summer upside down.

"Hey bro. I'm going on Love Island", read the text sent by villa hopeful Kazimir Crossley. Kav decided to do the responsible thing after the announcement: use it to get Twitter followers. He tweeted his big sis was going on the show and it went viral, doubling his social media following within a day. However, with all things on the internet, the creeps also had to chime in.

The tweet gained a lot of replies, mainly from little pervy men who like talking about fingering and ploughing, and who definitely don't get any action themselves:

In response to all the tweets he was getting about his sister, including ones like "imagine being at home watching tv with ma and dad by the fire. Watching your sister get absolutely finger blasted by a horny Geordie", Kav uploaded a video reading the messages he had received.

The Tab spoke to Kav about what it's like to have a sister slightly sinisterly adored by the nation, and how he's handling seeing his big sis on the most popular show in the UK right now.

"Most of it is contained to social media, but of course it’s a talking point with all my friends," Kavana told The Tab. "I was playing football in the park with one of my friends, when some secondary school kids wanted to join. He couldn’t help but tell them that my sister was on Love Island, and the reaction was just crazy. It’s insane how popular the show is."

So overall you wouldn't say it's effected you negatively?

Yeah, luckily I’m thick skinned and can take a lot of jokes. I’ve even gained some exposure on social media and used it to promote my own projects and videos, so it’s been fun. Kaz has carried herself well on the show and I think that makes it easier.

Do your parents know about the thirsty tweets?

Yes, obviously my parents are both aware of things that have been said after watching my video. In that video though I did focus on the particularly grim tweets, but there’s been a lot of positive response too. I think they’re both aware that any exposure on television will bring about both types of response.

Cutest sibling award ???

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Is there there a sense of dread she'll do something sexual on the show? Would your Twitter mentions ever recover?

There’s always a slight worry she might do something she regrets. Yet I’m not really worried because I don’t think that’s what my sister will do, she’s sensible. If she does I’ll have to deal with it, and I’ll just have to laugh it off.

You mention in the video she can't get famous without you, how much has Kaz being on the show helped you gain followers/subs?

I joke about it but it is a bit crazy. I gained a thousand twitter followers in a day and a few on my Instagram. I decided to put a video out on YouTube about it and that’s going well too. I’m just making topical content, and it’s funny when my sister is involved because people get a different view on things.

What did you think of the backlash Kazimir and Josh got because of the Georgia situation a few days ago? Did you get any flack for that?

Was that a Caroline Flack pun? I didn’t really get any backlash, but people have different opinions on the situation. On the one hand, people are angry at Josh for not remaining faithful, but on the other hand people are standing up for that decision because he went for the girl he wanted more.

About Georgia pronouncing her name wrong on purpose, I found it quite funny because it is genuinely a problem we both have growing up. But there were petty responses between both of them for obvious reasons, and I’m glad they talked and sorted it out to some extent.

Do you have any fun facts about Kaz?

She used to play the flute and piano. She also uses me to wash her makeup brushes. It was an easy £20 and she was busy, like 30 brushes.

Kavana's Patreon can be found here.

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