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Love Island Gossip Column: Megan told BOYFRIEND she’d stay faithful on the show and Alex’s Tinder game revealed

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Welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

Megan was with someone right before Love Island and told him she'd stay faithful looooool

Megan was dating ex-Team GB canoe star Tommy Brady before she went into the villa. His mate told The Sun: "He and Megan called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. She told friends she was in love with him. It was getting serious. He even met her parents."

When she mentioned Love Island, Tommy told her to go for her career and would be fine with her kissing someone, but nothing else.

Though since then she's been with three boys and done a lot more than kissing. And apparently he's "been left looking like a fool." Poor guy.

Apparently Megan is a massive turtle enthusiast and she once bought nine in one go

We spoke to the man who sold them to her and apparently on the day of the purchase, she was bleeding and had to get help removing a splinter. She purchased nine turtles years ago for £20 each.

Zara said she'll be waiting for dumped Adam with "20,000 kisses"

When serial dater Adam left the villa, he told The Sun Zara is waiting for him on the outside with "ten thousand or twenty thousand kisses."

He continued: "I do really, really want to see her, I’m excited for that. I wouldn’t go back in there now. I want to see Zara. That is my priority now." Awww how can something be so cute and sickening at the same time?

Meanwhile, Rosie and Zara said on Good Morning Britain they're going for dinner tonight because they're best friends now!

But we all know deep down that Zara is going to cancel on Rosie and see Adam instead.

Good Morning Britain

Rosie, Zara, Hayley and Charlie casually sitting half naked on Good Morning Britain this morning

Posted by The Holy Church of Love Island on Friday, July 6, 2018

Adam is convinced Dani and Jack will get ENGAGED in the villa

In an interview, Adam said he thinks Dani and Jack will win the show and get engaged in the villa if someone "managed to get a ring inside the villa." Please, not another tragic Love Island wedding being televised.

Someone who knew Josh through work, claims he was OBSESSED with Instagram

According to the source, he was always on his phone and when people spoke to him, he didn't really pay attention to what they were saying as he was scrolling through Instagram. His ex said this too, interesting. ?

Tom Zanetti, the DJ that came in last night for the Ministry of Sound event, was told off by the Love Island tannoy system for talking to the islanders

When he came in, the islanders rushed to talk to him, with Georgia being the first. Leeds boy who raps with a London accent, Tom, said: "I wasn't allowed to interact with them and they couldn’t interact with me. I didn't think they knew who I was. They started trying to pull me off the decks and dance with me."

Also weirdly, Jack Fowler (new Jack) is in Tom Zanetti's new music video. Spot him dancing in the background at 2:10.

We can confirm Alex's Tinder game is just as bad as his Love Island game

Someone who matched with him on the app told us his chat was "very vanilla" and instead of asking her on a date he added her on Facebook. His first Tinder pic is of him in the hospital, classic.

Eyal has reacted to Megan's surgery transformation pics in the most Eyal way possible

He told Heatworld: "There is definitely a before and after, but if you feel insecure within your body then you’re entitled to make the changes that you want to make in order to feel better. So fair play if she feels better in her skin now.”

One weird rule of Love Island is everyone having to use hand sanitiser before entering the villa

According to Cosmpolitan, security passes round hand sanitiser so that the cast and crew don't catch any viruses.

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