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We found ANOTHER picture of pre-surgery Megan and it’s more shocking than the last

You’ll really need to sit down for this

Love Island fans claim to have found another picture of Megan from Love Island before she underwent £25,000 worth of cosmetic surgery and honestly it will leave you more shook than the last.

Megan looks unrecognisable with her awkward smile, dark blonde hair scraped back in the half up, half down style and large glasses. She’s also wearing a cream pashmina, and a studded brown bag. It’s so shocking, you might forget her thumbs for a second. And you even might forget the entire Wes and Alex Miller love triangle.

According to the Daily Mail, the photo was taken 12 years ago, which would mean the 24-year-old is 12 in the picture.

People have been sharing the old photo, saying she looks a supply teacher.

While others have cruelly compared her to Harry Potter’s Moaning Myrtle and Toula from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

This new picture has surfaced a week after the first shocking photos of pre-surgery Megan appeared online.

In those photos, Megan is wearing a polka-dot dress and has a way more natural look. Her hair is long and straight and her eyebrows are very thin. A very different vibe to what she looks like now.

What plastic surgery has Megan had done?

Megan reportedly had her first operation at 14 years old when she got her ears pinned back while at school.

According to a plastic surgeon The Tab spoke to, images from her past “could indicate” she has had a rhinoplasty surgery (nose job), cheek and lip fillers, eyelid surgery, botox in the forehead and breast enlargement.

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Who is Megan Barton-Hanson?

Megan describes herself as “not your typical Essex girl” and says she has a quirky personality. While she may initially appear confident as she adapts to life inside the villa, her friends have said that deep down she’s actually quite shy.

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