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We’ve managed to dig up Darylle’s old MySpace photos from before she had all those tattoos

This is one girl Adam should definitely be scared of fucking over

Darylle Sargeant is the latest girl to couple up with Adam, and after his long line of successful relationships on the Island we wish them both the very best.

The heavily tattoed eyebrow technician is considered fun and different by some, and utterly terrifying by others. But who is Darylle beneath the tattoos and buckets of coloured eye shadow?

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How likely out of ten is it that she's part of a cult and will offer up Adam as an offering to the God of all women fucked over by fuckboys? These are the questions we desperately need answered and so we've done the digging and here's everything you need to know about Darylle.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, she works in a tattoo parlour

"No way really? But she just doesn't seem the type?!" Yep, the tattoo enthusiast works at Underground Tattoos in Watford. To our knowledge she's not a tattoo artist but she did eyebrows and piercings, which brings us swiftly on to…

Everyone in Watford seems to have had a piercing done by her

How's this for being a local celebrity? Darylle's hometown has been buzzing on Twitter that their local piercing person (is that the actual job title?) has made it onto prime time reality TV.

However, the reaction has been mixed with one person even going so far as to claim she was "rude" and "moody". And for the sake of balance, there are other reviews saying everyone there was great.

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So she apparently doesn't have the best temperament, will that moody disposition be what manages to get Adam to finally behave himself?

Darylle did allegedly fuck up someone's nipple piercing

One woman on Twitter recognised Darylle and claimed she did her nipple piercing wrong: "This stupid girl did my nipple piercing wrong! Send her home #LoveIsland".

Someone else also replied claiming something similar happened to them: "Yesssssssss it’s her. I knew it ?? she fucked up one of my piercings too dw. I feel your anger lmaooo."

She seems to do modelling work with guns…a lot

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Well, there goes our PG rating

Photoshoots from Darylle's modelling days include a fair few of her posing with guns, okay there are only two but that's plenty if you ask me.

The photoshoot was part of her cover feature for Front Magazine an alternative lads mag, a concept I don't really want to get into right now.

She used to have a MySpace, which will definitely remind you to finally delete yours

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Yep, like everyone else Darylle had a cringe social media presence in her earlier years, but unlike other people she has forgotten to scrub it's existence from the internet, a step that most take before entering the villa.

The old profile has no posts on it because of how MySpace has restructured itself, but it does still have her old pictures where you can see her before her tattoo and piercing obsession began.

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On that note time to purge my old social media

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We also found Darylle's old Tumblr account

Of course Darylle used to have a Tumblr, although I am devastated to inform you it is has now been deactivated.

The good news, though, is that in 2015 someone set up an "unoffficial fan blog" for her and her Tumblr account, the page accruing a grand total of 52 likes.

Although the preview pictures do give us an idea of what the Islander's Tumblr once looked like.

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RIP Darylle Sargeant's Tumblr

Someone even made a fan page for her Tumblr

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Darylle has a slightly creepy secondary Instagram account entirely dedicated to pictures of peoples' eyebrows

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Hello darkness my old friend…

@darylles_browroom is the Love Island hopeful's online portfolio of eyebrow wizardry which shows off her impressive work. It also feels kind of creepy no? It feels very up close, intimate, and just unnerving because of the angles and photos used. How did she go about asking people if she could take very close up photos of their eyebrows for thousands of people to see?

Well if we've learnt one thing, it's do not under any circumstances ever let Darylle pour you a pint

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I don't know whether to vomit, cry, or be angry.

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