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Was Love Island 2017 really more dramatic? A critical comparison of what had happened so far last year

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As we watch this year's Love Island, we can't help but question, was last year's show more dramatic? Didn't Casa Amor happen way later in the show last year? Well hold your horses and let me tell you the answers to all your questions.

We've made an accurate timeline of what happened week by week in the villa in the 2017 series, compared to this series. Think of it as a Time Hop on your Facebook newsfeed, but with Love Island.

Week one

2017 series

In the first day of the show last year the 11 original cast members arrived. Jess was the last to arrive and stole Dom from Montana on day two, leaving the latter single.

On day four, Chris and Jonny arrived. They had two days to make their connections for the recoupling on day 6.

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The challenges in the first week included "A Lot of Bottle" on day two, when the girls were asked a question and kissed the boy who they chose as the answer. On day five they played that game where the girls had to feel the boys' bodies blindfolded and guess whose body it was. They also did a lilo race on day six.

The dates in the first week were: Dom and Jess, Camilla and Jonny, Montana and Chris, Chloë and Chris, Sam and Olivia.

When the recoupling took place, Montana went for Marcel, Chloë picked Chris, Olivia coupled up with Sam and Amber went with Kem. Camilla decided to be with Jonny and Harley was dumped from the island.

2018 series

The first day of this year's show included the entrance of our 11 islanders who coupled up. Alex then stole Kendall from Niall the next day. Rosie and Georgia entered the villa on day four.

The challenges in the first week included: "Excess Baggage" on day three in which suitcases arrived with secrets about the islanders and the opposite gender had to guess who the secret belonged to. On day five the girls proved who had the best superpower.

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The dates in week one were: Adam and Kendall, Niall and Georgia, Alex and Rosie.

The recoupling happened on day six. The couples were: Alex and Samira, Dani and Jack, Eyal and Hayley, and Laura and Wes all remained together, whilst Adam chose to be with Rosie, and Niall coupled up with Georgia. As Kendall remained single, she was dumped from the island.

Week two

2017 series

At the beginning of week two, Gabby and Tyne-Lexy entered the villa and on day 12 Muggy Mike arrived.

Week two was when the kissing challenge happened. The girls had to kiss each of the boys who then rated them. They also played "Battle of the Bootie", which Tyne-Lexy won.

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The dates in week two were: Gabby and Marcel, Gabby and Chris, Tyne-Lexy and Chris, Tyne-Lexy and Dom, Kem and Amber, Tyne-Lexy and Mike, Mike and Jess, Mike and Olivia, Mike and Montana and Dom and Jess went to the hideaway for a night.

2018 series

Week two began with the entrance of Charlie, Josh and Megan.

On day nine Niall left the villa "for personal reasons", which we now know is due to his Aspergers Syndrome.

There was therefore a recoupling on day 10. The couples were: Adam and Rosie, Alex and Samira, Dani and Jack, Wes and Laura and Wes, who all remained together, whilst Georgia chose to be with Josh, Megan coupled up with Eyal, and Hayley picked Charlie.

These new couples then played "Meals on Wheels" together on day 11 when they had to pass food from each other's mouths.

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Dates in week two included: Jack and Dani, Charlie and Hayley, Charlie and Samira, Charlie and Georgia, Josh and Samira, Josh and Hayley, Josh and Laura, Megan and Niall, Megan and Eyal, Megan and Alex, Wes and Laura, Georgia and Josh.

On day 12, the islanders had to vote for which couple they thought was the least compatible. Alex and Samira and Charlie and Hayley were placed in the bottom two. The public voted for Alex and Samira to stay in so Haley and Charlie were dumped from the island.

Week three

2017 series

The week began with a recoupling. Amber and Kem, Camilla and Jonny, Chloë and Chris, and Jessica and Dom remained together, whilst Sam chose to couple up with Montana, Mike picked Olivia, and Gabby paired with Marcel. As Tyne-Lexy remained single, she was dumped from the island.

The challenges in week three were guessing the answers to questions about your other half, making a smoothie and passing it across with only their mouths and sex charades.

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The week three dates were: Gabby and Marcel, Jonny and Camilla, Tyla and Jonny, Tyla and Dom, Tyla and Chris, Simon and Amber, Simon and Montana, Simon and Camilla.

On day 18, after receiving the least amount of public votes, Chloë and Chris, Dom and Jessica, and Mike and Olivia were in danger of leaving. The remaining Islanders had to choose one boy and one girl to dump from the island. The boys chose Jessica, whilst the girls chose Mike.

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Simon and Tyla then came into the villa mix things up on day 19 and on day 20 there was yet another recoupling. Simon chose Montana, whilst Tyla picked Dom. This time it was the girls who had to pick a boy to pair up with. Amber and Kem, Camilla and Jonny, and Gabby and Marcel remained together, whilst Chloe chose to couple up with Sam, and Olivia went with Chris.

2018 series

Ellie and Zara entered the villa at the beginning of week three, followed by Sam later in the week.

The "Girls' Night In" challenge took place this week and featured pillow fights, charades and the boys doing the girls' make-up.

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There were plenty of dates in week three as each of the new islanders got to choose three dates each. They were: Ellie and Josh, Ellie and Alex, Ellie and Wes, Zara and Alex, Zara and Eyal and Zara and Adam, Sam and Rosie, Sam and Ellie, Sam and Samira, Megan and Eyal.

On day 20 a recoupling took place in which Dani and Jack Fi, Laura and Wes, Georgia and Josh and Eyal and Megan all remained together, whilst Adam chose to be with new girl Zara, Alex G coupled up with Ellie B and new boy Sam chose Samira. This left Rosie single and she was dumped from the island.

Week four

2017 series

We're currently in week four of the new series, but what happened this time last year? Casa Amor also took place at the same time as this year.

However, on day 23 before the whole Casa Amor drama, the couples voted anonymously for who they thought was the least compatible couple. As Chloë and Sam received the most votes, they were dumped from the island.

On day 24 there was a recoupling. Amber and Kem, Camilla and Jonny, Gabby and Marcel, and Olivia and Chris remained together, whilst Simon coupled up with Tyla, and Dom was paired with Montana again.

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Olivia and Chris went on their shopping date on day 24 and the "Sexiest Pub Quiz" and "Brits Abroad" challenges also took place.

There was a public vote on day 25 asking who was the most compatible couple. Simon and Tyla received the fewest votes and the islanders had to pick one of them to go home. They chose Simon so he was dumped from the island.

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The six boys went to Casa Amor on day 26 and were joined by Amelia, Chyna, Danielle, Ellisha-Jade and Shannen; the girls stayed in the villa and were joined by Alex, Craig, Marino, Nathan, Rob and Steve.

2018 series

Week four so far has been the most dramatic so far. There was the quiz answering questions about their other halves, there was also a game of "Snog, Marry, Pie" which caused plenty of drama.

Megan broke up with Eyal to be with Wes and then Wes broke up with Laura in order to be with Megan. Jack and Dani also became an official couple.

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Then came Casa Amor. On day 26 the boys headed over to the second villa where they were met by Charlie W, Daryll, Ellie J, Grace, Kazimir and Savanna; the girls stayed in the main villa and Alex M, Jack Fo, Charlie B, Jordan, Frankie and Dean joined them.

And the story continues!

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