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This is the official Love Island 2018 drinking game

Three fingers for when Wes says ‘do bits society’

It's getting to that time now in Love Island when we feel like we really know the contestants. We know Alex wears a lot of pink despite his rosy complexion, that Georgia calls everyone "babe" and that Wes can't stop saying "do bits society".

So it makes perfect sense for these repetitive sayings and actions to be equated to how many fingers of drink you should consume. When Eyal says "deep" or anything spiritual that's worth four fingers, and you definitely have to down your drink if anyone starts shagging.

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Play these rules and you'll end up having to watch the episode again to remind yourself wtf happened:

Two fingers

– When Islanders say "she/he is a bit of me"

– For when the boys are working out in the gym

– If someone says "this is Love Island not friendship/loyalty Island"

– An Islander shouts "I'VE GOT A TEEEEEXT!!"

– When someone says "we've got a connection" or "genuine connection"

– For the word "lovely"

– For "it's still early days"

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Three fingers

– When anyone in the house says "deep"

– When Wes says "do bits society"

– Any DMCs which have started with "shall we go for a chat?"

– Every time Sam calls himself "The Bird"

– Georgia says "babe"

– When Adam says "I'd be lying if…"

Four fingers

– When Eyal says the word "deep" or talks about anything spiritual

– When Dani mentions her dad as being Danny Dyer, or says "my dad"

– When Alex says anything remotely cringe whilst flirting e.g. "you have beautiful hair"

– Alex wearing anything pink

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Finish your drink

– Jack does an impression of another Islander

– Any shagging

– When any of the housemates who aren't currently in the Do Bits Society join it

– If Adam leapfrogs over to another girl

Optional one shot rule

– When any Islander says "like"