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Jack’s ex rumoured to be entering the Love Island villa to cause drama

If she even dares split #jani up

Just when we thought it was all happy families on the ITV2 show, the producers are about to crush the hopes and dreams of a nation amid rumours Jack's ex-girlfriend will be entering the Love Island villa.

In last night's episode the pen salesman from Essex asked barmaid Dani Dyer, daughter of soap legend Danny Dyer, to be his girlfriend and the couple became official when she said yes. But it sounds like this week will bring trouble to paradise as the rumours of Jack's ex entering the villa intensify.

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Jack Fincham's ex girlfriend Keeley Maguire (Instagram)

Who is Jack's ex girlfriend Keeley Maguire?

The 22-year-old office worker has quit her job in order to head to Majorca to take part in the ITV2 show.

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Keeley Maguire will be entering the villa in the next few days (Instagram)

It is said that she had already applied to be a part of the 2018 show before it aired, but was rejected. But now that her ex Jack has risen to fame as one half of the bookie's favourite couple, the Love Island producers have reconsidered her application.

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Keeley Maguire is rumoured to be entering the Love Island villa this week (Instagram)

Is Keeley Maguire entering the Love Island villa?

It has now been confirmed that Jack Fincham's ex will be entering the Love Island villa, according to the Daily Star. She has quit her office job and is already in Majorca ready to enter the villa this week.

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Keeley is expected to stir up drama between Jack and Dani

However, her Instagram account (@keeleymaguirexox), which has 5,384 followers, went from public to private late this morning, which could indicate she's receiving unwanted press attention. Or she's just trying to gain more followers before entering the villa. We'll just have to wait and see.

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Jack said he cheated on all his ex-girlfriends so his relationship with Keeley Maguire probably didn't end well (Instagram)

What we know so far about their relationship

Little is known about the duration of their relationship or when it took place, but we can be almost sure Jack cheated on Keeley while they were together, as he revealed in the show's first week that he had cheated on every single one of his girlfriends.

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Keeley's Love Island application was previously rejected by producers

For this reason we can assume that she's not exactly joining the show to find love, or to be friends with Jack. It sounds like she's here to cause drama. Fine by me.

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