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We carried out a full investigation to find out which of the Love Island cast smoke

This is full of surprises


Love Island is coming to a close, and everything you'd expect to happen has happened, apart from one thing. Why are none of the Islanders smoking?

In previous years, we'd see a lot of them smoking non-stop by the fire pit. That's where all the gossip would happen.

This year though, ITV have put a ban on the cast smoking inside the villa, which has seen the removal of the smoking area which we've seen in the older series.

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Have you wondered which of the Islanders would have been smoking if the ban hadn't been put in place?

Same here, so we went through each of their Instas to see if we could find out who smoked, as we know you care.


Does he smoke? Yes.

Come on, Jack is so the kind of guy who will go out with the lads after work for a few pints of piping cold Peroni and chomp down an entire twenty deck.


Does she smoke? Yes.

To be fair you can see Jack and Dani getting home from a long hard day of making sponsored content for Instagram, cracking open a beer and having a ciggie.


Does he smoke? No.

This is Dr Alex we are talking about. He's pure in every sense of the word and probably chews on Nicorette gum all day long, just in case he accidentally gets addicted from being surrounded by too much passive smoke walking through Lewisham.


Does she smoke? No.

But she definitely used to. She's lived the high life and she loves a glass of wine, but now she's on Love Island she's got an image to uphold. Plus she does yoga and eats yoghurt so she's like the vision of health. Wouldn't be surprised if I caught her having a ciggy outside Pryzm after a stressful club appearance though.


Does he smoke? No.

Wes still lives with his parents. He's not yet reached the point in his life where he leaves home and goes a bit crazy for a little while. The time will come, but not just yet.


Does she smoke? Yes.

Only a wee bit. It probably takes the edge off when Paul is away with work and the kids are driving her mental.

Laura has also revealed that after Wes dumped her for Megan, she went and sat on the beach all night and smoked 24 cigarettes and tbh I feel that.


Does he smoke? No.

You don't get to be a model with clear skin and 15 abs if you smoke! No sir! He's fit as a fiddle and doesn't look his age. Don't smoke, kids.


Does he smoke? No.

Fair play, maybe Josh doesn't smoke. But we can definitely agree that he's no stranger to the sheesh.


Does she smoke? No.

She calls herself a "gym bunny" in her Instagram bio and has the abs to prove it. I don't think it's likely she's puffing away after every gym session.


Does she smoke? Yes.

Megan is always on fire, she's always smoking.

New Jack

Does he smoke? No.

He's a semi-professional footballer, so it's highly unlikely he's addicted to the good stuff. Unless he does a Balotelli and gets caught smoking in a toilet on a train.

New Laura

Does she smoke? Yes.

She's a surfer chick so almost definitely love sitting round the campfire with a rollie after a tiring day of shredding the waves. Someone pass me an acoustic guitar.


Does she smoke? No.

Although it looks like she loves a good night out with the girls, there's no evidence of her being a smoker. Maybe she'd borrow a vogue off a mate in the smoking area after a few too many pornstar martinis though.

New Josh

Does he smoke? No.

I mean just look at him, for crying out loud. It's his job to be in peak physical condition and he spends too much of his life in the gym to even have time for a cig.


Does he smoke? Yes.

Yes, he does. And he also says the word rah way too much.


Does he smoke? No.

As far as we can tell on Adam's Insta, he doesn't smoke. But Adam isn't known for his honesty, so I think we could say he does in fact smoke.


Does she smoke? No.

If Rosie smoked there's no way she'd have the level of stamina she needs to pull off her swaggy walk.


Does she smoke? No.

Does Zara McDermott smoke?! Never in all my years.


Does she smoke? No.

Haha, no she doesn't. She's 14.


Does he smoke? No.

He's a personal trainer so almost definitely a no.


Does she smoke? No.

Samira was on the West End, singing and dancing and moving her body around like it's nobody's business. So no, the Queen does not smoke.


Does she smoke? No.

Dr Love would not be happy about that. There's no way Alex would have gone in for a "smooch" three times if Ellie was a smoker.