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I hate to break it to you, it wasn’t Adam’s real mum on Twitter last night

Yes, it was a fake account

On last night's episode, Adam showed his true colours as he relentlessly made it known to all that he fancies new islander, Zara McDermott.

We sat at home watching him break Rosie's heart, whilst we shouted at our TV screens. Much to our surprise, it wasn't just us who were against Adam's behaviour towards Rosie, as we saw Adam's mum take to Twitter and give him a good roasting as well.

However, I hate to break it to you – this wasn't Adam's real account and it wasn't actually his mum.

It was confirmed on Adam's official Instagram earlier that these comments were not written by his mum. If they were, it would have been jokes, but sadly they were not.

As the show went on, monumental things were happening on Adam's fake Twitter account. Tweets were emerging which tricked viewers into thinking they'd been written by Adam's family.

When the first tweet emerged, it was music to our ears, as we thought Adam would be going home to get a firm talking to from his parents, which he'd be too scared to sit and smirk through.

Shortly after, another tweet emerged, this time reading "hands up once more if Adam's an absolute fool for letting Rosie go." This really had us our toes. We couldn't believe our eyes.

The tweets continued to come out, and it became clear that the member of Adam's family that was putting out these tweets on his fake account was posing as his mother.

We fell for it even more when Adam's younger sisters got mentioned in a tweet.

The night concluded with Adam's 'mum' signing off, seeming quite excited for tonight's episode, knowing that her son has got himself into a bit of a pickle and will do well to get himself out of it.

Don't we all wish that this was actually his mum writing these award-winning tweets? I do.