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We found out the real reason why Rosie is furious with Adam on Love Island

And it’s to do with Megan, shock

The theories about what Adam could have possibly done to upset Rosie were compelling, but the real reason has just been revealed.

In a video preview for tonight's episode, it is shown that Adam has a private conversation with Megan and asks her why she didn't pick him for her date.

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He also tells her he isn't sure about his pairing with Rosie. Adam says: "It's a bit of a funny one you know, like it's good but sometimes she can be a bit on top of us."

Megan then thinks it's unfair of Adam to say those things behind Rosie's back, so she decides to tell her about the entire conversation afterwards. Rosie reacts by crying in the girls' room.

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She confronts Adam in front of everyone later on in the evening, asking why he's been talking about her behind her back, saying he has alarm bells ringing about their relationship and then he goes: "What to Jack?"

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Everyone gasps as she replies: "Oh, so you said it to Jack as well? So who else have you been slagging me off to?" And that's all the preview video for tonight shows.

We don't know what the fall out will be like after the confrontation. But if there's one thing for certain, it's that Adam is now in deep trouble.

If he doesn't make it up to Rosie and convince her everything is fine, he has a real chance of going home.