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We asked girls for the weirdest thing a guy has said to them on a first date

‘You’re so hot, I would lick chocolate syrup out of your belly button’

In last night's episode of Love Island, Niall and Georgia went on a date. And I don't know about you, but I felt a whirlwind of emotions during the three minute clip which saw them downing drinks, frantically talking at one another and THEN getting off, followed a very awkward pause.

But the one major WTF moment was after Georgia told Niall she was a student, he flew in with "DO YOU LIKE CHICKEN DIPPERS?", rather than the usual "what course do you do?" or "what uni are you at?"

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From one guy asking a girl if he could cover her in Percy Pigs, to another solely talking about boobs, we asked girls to tell us the weirdest thing a guy has said to them on a first date.

Rating on a scale of 1-10

A guy once asked me to rate him on a scale of 1-10 on a first date while we were fooling around and proceeded to ask me if he was sexier than five or six other guys we mutually knew. It was gross, and made me feel like he was just using me for an ego boost. – Rochelle

The marriage proposal

Another time on a first date with a different guy we walked across the street to get ice cream after dinner and while we’re sitting there waiting for our orders he goes “so, hypothetically, if I asked you to marry me right now what would your answer be?” I awkwardly laughed it off and stumbled around a few “we hardly know each other statements”, but he killed the vibe big time. – Emma

He said I looked like a mouse from a toilet

I was out with this guy on a date and we got caught in the rain. He turned to me, and instead of using the phrase “you look like a drowned rat”, used the much-less-popular-no-idea-why phrase "you look like a mouse that’s been dropped in a toilet, and somebody’s taken it and it’s just sitting there shivering.” Seriously, a toilet ffs. – Alex

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He only spoke about my boobs

The first date I ever went on was really disastrous because he talked about my boobs for like the first 10 mins. – Lottie

The chocolate syrup

Some guy at a bar once said “you’re so hot, I would lick chocolate syrup out of your belly button.” – Annie

Budgie smugglers

I had one where the guy spoke about the crisis in Venezuela for the whole time – literally about two hours. Then he spoke about budgie smugglers and then showed me all his pictures of him wearing them. – Holly

The agric initiation story

One guy told me about his agric initiation and how he was stripped naked and painted blue then pushed on his SU stage with his dick out. We had literally just met and had only got past the how are you/what job do you do conversation starters – it was all too much too fast. – Lucy

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He asked to cover me in Percy Pigs

When I was 15/16 a boy I was talking to asked if I wanted to be covered In Percy Pigs, which I thought was very odd considering I’m Jewish. I was so confused and innocent I didn’t speak to him again. – Phoebe

"I'm just fun-sized"

I went on a Tinder date with a guy who lied about his height. Said he was 5'10 but he was really 5'1. I'm 5'7. When I met him it was apparent that I was visibly shocked and he said "it's ok I'm just fun sized!" – Tillie

"Do you want some coke?"

A guy I was on a date with asked me if I wanted some coke, and clearly not the drink. I said "no I’m not into that sort of thing, weed is really the most I do", and he said "cool, more for me.” Then he made me watch some documentary about a band I’ve never heard of from the 80s and I fell asleep because it was so damn boring. – Hannah

The sad medic

I went on a date with a guy who turned down four offers to do medicine because “we’re all going to die anyway and theres already too many people in the world so whats the point in trying to save anyone", according to him. – Laura