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Girls who take a snack with them on a night out are the true brains of this country

They really are the heroes of our generation

Taking a snack with you on a night out is so simple you'll be kicking yourself you never thought of it before.

However, there are some genius girls out there who are no longer letting the mid-night out hunger ruin their fun times – they're taking matters into their own hands.

Reminiscent of that video of the girl who produces a hidden Subway sandwich from between her boobs in a club, some innovative women are now stashing food on their person so they can eat it in the club.

When you're in the club but Subway is life ?

Posted by LADbible on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So if you're sat there thinking "why the fuck haven't I thought of that before??" get some inspo from these masterminds below:

Sunnii, second year, Comparative Literature, King's

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I have been known to stuff Maccies chips on my person on nights out. I basically get hungry all the time so I don't tend to club for long, more like in between my snack breaks.

I usually wear long tops and bring a mini cross body bag to the club so it either goes down my bra or in my bag doubled up in another chips carton so that there is no spillage of grease in my bag or chips lost. I would definitely recommend it, especially if pres are early and you're subtle, there is no reason why you shouldn't have a snack.

Tammy, fresher, Philosophy, Cardiff

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I'm such a foodie, I'll genuinely sit and eat Bombay mix for all of pres. I always buy cheesy chips mid night out without fail. Cardiff SU always has hot food available.

So when I’ve taken too many elbows to the head in the main room, I’ll go into the food area by the smoking area, order myself some cheesy chips and a glass of water and back off I go.

Eve, second year, History, Royal Holloway

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I usually take a bag of chocolate. The other day I had Oreo bites which was nice. I just keep it in my bag and eat it in the club or on the way home. It saves me buying food plus it's a nice little treat for your night out.

Hayley, third year, Journalism, Bournemouth

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This one time we took toast wrapped in foil to the club. My friend was really drunk so we made her toast at pres to sober her up. You know that mad rush to drink when the taxis arrive? It was like that but with toast.

She was still so gone but we couldn't exactly ram toast down her throat, so we wrapped it up, she stuffed it down her dress and then ate it at our VIP table.

Aisling, second year, Politics and International Relations, Exeter

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Usually I just leave half way through a night to go and get McDonald's. I've done this on more than one occasion. I most recently did it this Wednesday and I bought the bouncers a Happy Meal too because they've let me do it so often and still let me back in.

Kristina, second year, Advertising and Marketing, Coventry

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Sometimes I'll bring snacks with me but usually it's because my best friend gets hungry and wants to go home which I obviously don't want to happen. Also it is super nice to find food in your bag when you're drunk let me tell you that. It's like a surprise from your sober self to your drunk self. 10/10 would recommend.

Beth, third year, Linguistics, UCL

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I love getting my value for money, and sometimes I just get a bit peckish on a night out half way through so waiting until everyone's going to the kebab shop is a bit long.

I love Hula Hoops cause they're the perfect snack. Strong and stable, they are resilient to people pushing into you in the queue; salty, they're good for when you've been drinking a lot of prosecco; and they're small enough to fit in your bag. I highly recommend.