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Oh My God!! The official Love Island start date has been announced

Clear your calendars, cancel your social lives

We’ve been waiting months to hear the news of when Love Island is actually going to start. And the official Love Island Twitter account has finally put everyone out of their misery by releasing the official Love Island start date.

Ladies and gentlemen, Love Island will begin on Monday the 4th of June 2018 at 9pm on ITV 2.

They tweeted: “Wave goodbye to your social life, we’re landing Monday 4th June at 9pm on @itv2 #LoveIsland”

First there were speculations that it was going to be in April. Then people kept guessing when in June it was going to start. Then others were saying it’s starting next Monday. It’s not.

Honestly it’s been agonising and frankly, an emotional rollercoaster.

But now you can finally clear your schedules to watch Love Island in peace.

love island start date

And we already think we know who some of the people going on Love Island may be.

According to early reports, Dani Dyer, is the first person to be a ‘confirmed’ member of the Love Island 2018 cast.

The 22-year-old first appeared on Survival of the Fittest back in February this year, but had to leave on the second day after dislocating her shoulder in one of the challenges.

She was one of eight rumoured people to be in the Love Island villa a few weeks ago. Now it seems she has signed up for the show. I guess we’ll have to wait for the Love Island start date to find out.

Brb just cancelling my life for the next two months.

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