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Marcel has confirmed cheating on Gabby and I swear this is the biggest scandal of 2018

Basically, men are collectively cancelled

We thought Gabby and Marcel would last forever. We thought their love was faultless. We thought Marcel was one of the good guys. And how wrong we all were.

If you don't know already, Marcel slept with another woman behind Gabby's back while they were on a romantic holiday together. Gabby was sent screenshots by the woman Marcel allegedly cheated on her with. And they're not pretty. They show him asking for "day sex" while Gabby was in the hotel gym.

But it gets worse because it has now come to light that he cheated on her more than one time and lied to her about it.

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And now it turns out it is all true. Marcel has confirmed that he did cheat on Gabby and said he "will regret it forever."

Marcel's rep told Metro: "Marcel can’t really defend his actions as he knows what he did wrong and will regret it forever. Marcel is upset that he broke the heart of someone he loves and someone that he shared so many special moments with, but with all the good times there are difficult times, and sadly Marcel and Gabby had been in a bad place at this stage."

The whole nation is outraged and we're pretty sure this is the biggest scandal of the year. Girls from across the country have come to unite against Marcel's actions. Some are even calling him Muggy Marcel:

The Tab can now confirm that Gaby has now unfollowed him on Instagram. So bye Marcel, you've been officially dumped!